The Rugged Individualism of Hammered Wedding Bands 

One of the most attractive aspects of hammered wedding bands and their chiseled hammered finish is their sense of rugged individualism. What do we mean by that? Each solid gold ring is individually hand-chiseled by an expert craftsman to create a unique and rugged design that to a great extent will protect your wedding ring from natural wear and tear and scratches that hammered wedding bands may incur over time.

Hammered wedding bands have a handsome, rugged look, which is what makes them perfect for those with an active lifestyle or those who simply like the look of a more rugged style ring. It makes the ideal ring for both men and women … for men because of its masculine nature and style and for women because of their rugged yet still fine appeal.

Whether you are shopping for gold, white gold, titanium or platinum hammered wedding bands, our hammered rings at Apples of Gold Jewelry are individually made to order, so that when you place your order with us we go to work creating and manufacturing your ring at the time of order. As such, you are guaranteed to receive a ring straight out of manufacturing that has literally been crafted just for you or your soon-to-be husband or wife.

We start with a solid band in either yellow gold or white gold (or even rose gold if desired) and make a quality, substantial piece that is not lightweight or flimsy but rather weighty and heirloom quality and then our jewelry craftsman hand-chisel the hammered design onto the surface of the ring.

You can choose from white gold hammered wedding bands, yellow gold, or even two-tone rings with the center hammered finish in either yellow or white gold and the high-polished band in the opposite color. The outside portion or rims of the band is fully polished and the center design hammered portion normally comes with a satin or brushed finish to create a beautiful contrast between the center hammered design and the polished outside borders.

The women’s or men’s hammered wedding bands, from Apples of Gold Jewelry, come in a variety of widths and ring sizes from 4mm wide to 8mm wide and everything in between. If you don’t see your desired width or size listed, simply contact us, as we can make it for you by request! Do you prefer an even wider band, such as a 9mm or 10mm extra wide hammered band? We can also do that for you. Simply contact us and ask!

We offer a variety of styles from beveled rings to gold hammered wedding bands with a miligrain border to traditional bands and even a titanium hammered wedding band. Choose from 14k or 18k gold or as well as hammered platinum wedding bands. The possibilities are endless! At Apples of Gold, our aim is to provide you with an heirloom quality, handmade hammered wedding band that will endure through the generations.

Contact Apples of Gold Jewelry with any questions or to order!

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