Unique Gemstone Rings Express Your Charm 

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“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” — Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel, the founder and namesake of the Chanel brand, liberated post-World War I era women from the restraints of the “corseted silhouette.” Her uniqueness extended to popularizing a sporty. casual chic as the feminine standard of style. She was—and continues to be—truly unique.

You, too, have a uniqueness that is singularly yours. You choose the unusual and are known for not following the crowd. That’s why our alluring poppy-orange topaz, diamond halo ring fits your style. The bright pop of color is surrounded by 0.36 carats of diamonds, making this vivacious gem stand out from more traditional gemstone rings. But don’t stop there! It can be an extraordinary engagement ring that has a wedding band in 14k white gold that matches it. We have a special collection of Halo Engagement Rings, any of which are wonderful stand-alone rings, too.


“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” — Judy Garland

When Judy Garland walked the yellow brick road, her ruby slippers glittered on her feet and no one could touch her. This amazing Mandarin garnet and diamond cocktail ring will set you apart, too. Absolutely anyone can wear a cocktail ring, but your sui generis means that wherever you go, people sit up and take notice. So just like Judy’s slippers, shouldn’t your night-on-the-town jewelry make a huge splash? With the beautiful, deep hue of this truly different gemstone and the bright sparkle of over a third of a carat of diamonds, the contrast reflects elegance bar none. Two dozen small round diamonds form a sparkling border around this Mandarin garnet, while 10 additional stones accent the shining 14K white gold band that holds it. See more in our collection of gorgeous, ruby-red, Garnet Rings.


“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” — Margaret Mead

Celebrate your own form of anotherness while simultaneously recognizing that each of us carries a special quality that makes us each absolutely unique. Just like this glorious, genuine opal ring. The 14k white gold is a grand foil for the mysterious, oval gemstone held captive in the middle of the elegant heart. Two round diamonds accent the rare shaping of the 14k white gold band, adding a glint of exuberance to this splendid ring. There are matching Opal Heart Earrings that will give your outfit flair and glamour that sets you totally apart. Part of our collection of Unique Gemstone Rings.

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