Unique Religious Jewelry for Easter Week and Beyond 

Crown of Thorns Cross Pendant, 14K Yellow GoldAt the last supper, Jesus commanded His disciples to observe communion “in remembrance of me,” and for 2,000 years, Christians have commemorated His ultimate gift—giving His life—by taking the bread and the cup. The apostle Paul wrote that “For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.” Remembrance is a cornerstone of faith, and religious jewelry is lovely way to remind yourself of why you believe and to declare your faith to others.

Apples of Gold carries a selection of Jesus jewelry that allows you to pay tribute to your Savior during Easter week and throughout the year. From pendants that feature the face of Christ to those that utilize symbols of his suffering, these pieces show that you’re not afraid to declare your devotion.

The Crown of Thorns Cross Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold may not feature the image of Christ, but it contains a powerful reminder of the suffering He endured on our behalf. This gleaming 14K yellow gold cross is filled with a twisting thorns, providing a reminder of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he suffered on our behalf. This pendant is also available in 14K white gold for fans of a cooler look in search of a unique statement of faith.

Jesus Crucifixion Pendant - 14K GoldThe Jesus Crucifixion Pendant in 14K Gold is a bold statement of faith and a unique alternative to a traditional crucifix. This two-tone 14K gold pendant features an image of the suffering Christ that’s been meticulously crafted from yellow gold and given warm rose gold accents. While there’s no cross in this pendant, it immediately calls to mind what happened there, as it hangs from the chain of your choice. In addition to this unique piece, Apples of Gold a variety of crucifixes in its selection of Catholic jewelry.

Cross of Nails Pendant, 14K GoldThe three nails that were driven into Christ’s body didn’t hold Him to the Cross; it was His love for us that caused Him to suffer on our behalf. However, the symbol of three nails provides an instant reminder of what He willingly did on Calvary. Apples of Gold carries a number of Christian pendants that use three nails to make a statement of faith, such as the Cross of Nails Pendant in 14K Gold. This pendant displays three gleaming nails that appear to be tied together into the shape of a cross. This gleaming 14 yellow gold piece measures 1 ½-inches high, including the shining bale, and is also available in cool 14K white gold.

Nails Cross Pendant, 14K Yellow GoldThe Nails Cross Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold also uses three nails to create a reminder of Christ’s sacrifice. A trio of rugged spikes creates the shape of the cross and reminds all who see it that Jesus loved us enough to give His life for us.

These pieces of unique religious jewelry are lovely ways to remember your Savior and to clearly state your devotion. During Easter week and all year long, wear one in remembrance of Him.

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