White Gold Wedding Bands for the Groom 

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white gold hammered wedding bandThe groom’s ring is an often-overlooked element of wedding planning. With so much of the focus on the bride in contemporary weddings, the groom’s considerations can be left by the wayside. The bride requires a lavish white ball gown, while he can get by with a rental tuxedo. Her bouquet is lush with varied fragrant blossoms while he has only a rosebud for his boutonnière. The simplicity of his needs makes it easy to forget that this is his day as well—and that his wedding band will symbolize your love just as beautifully as any diamond-encrusted vintage ring you had your heart set on! White gold wedding bands for the groom provide a meaningful tangible symbol of your union in a way that is both masculine enough for everyday wear and special enough to cherish for all time.

A groom who works with his hands, in a blue collar job like a construction worker or even a man who owns a contracting business will appreciate the texture and meaning behind a hammered white gold wedding band for the groom. In Isaiah 41:7 it is written that: So the carpenter encouraged the goldsmith, and he that smootheth with the hammer him that smote the anvil, saying, It is ready for the soldering: and he fastened it with nails, that it should not be moved. So shall your bond and union be unmoved and unbreakable, fastened by the Lord when you make your holy vows.

paisley white gold wedding band ringA more traditional groom with romantic sensibilities might prefer the lavish botanical engravings of a paisley design white gold wedding band ring for men. Its timeless beauty is old-fashioned and speaks of the loveliness of nature. An outdoorsman who enjoys hiking will appreciate the floral motif of such a ring, its intricate detail speaking strongly to the natural aesthetic. The East India Company of Great Britain initially popularized the paisley design during the 18th century, when imports from the Far East became all the rage. The groom who is a history buff or a dilettante scholar of Eastern artistry will surely prize a paisley band that pays tribute to his diverse interests. His fascination with the History Channel may finally pay off in the form of bringing him on board with the gorgeous matching paisley bands for your wedding!

braided wedding band The gorgeous rhythm of a braided band design calls to mind the crystalline rippled surface of a river. Any groom who looks at the world through an artist’s eyes, who loves the icy bite of the river’s water in spring as he goes fishing or who considers himself an avid boater will cherish the incomparable beauty and evocative riverlike charm of a white gold wedding band for the groom with a braided motif. Something in the grace of its craftsmanship also calls to mind the crown of thorns pressed upon Jesus’ holy brow at the time of his crucifixion, a reminder that we must suffer and toil as humans so we may die daily to sin and rise to a new life in the Lord. Such a wedding band with its deep resonance to a man of faith will be a beautiful symbol of your pledge and your love.

Select a white gold wedding band for the groom to symbolize your vow of devotion as you become one in the holy ceremony of marriage. Give him a ring that is meaningful and beautiful, choosing it with the same care that he showed when he selected an engagement ring for you. Let a hammered, paisley, or braided white gold wedding band ring serve as the timeless symbol of your marriage.

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