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Something Borrowed: Antique Diamond Engagement Rings for the Bride

1800s Antique-Style 1/2 Carat Diamond Bridal Engagement Wedding Ring SetHaven’t you ever wished you could find a luxe, vintage ring that was actually brand new? No slightly creepy feeling like when you rent bowling shoes knowing someone else has worn them before, no speculation about who owned the vintage ring before you did…just a new, untouched ring made way-back-when, with the old fashioned style and a true authenticity without the yard sale, cast-off vibe.  It seems impossible, to find a new vintage diamond ring, an item made with the same tools, models, processes as a ring from the nineteenth century, but made exclusively for you—yet there is such a ring. Take one look at the 1800’s Antique Style ½ Carat Diamond Bridal Engagement Wedding Ring Set and you’ll feel like a lady swept back through the pages of time…and this is no copy, no reproduction. Through Apples of Gold’s sourcing of rediscovered hubs and models from the 1800’s, you can have a recreation of a true Victorian diamond ring all your own. In your modern wedding, you can be an old-fashioned girl at heart with something borrowed from the past itself.

vintage floral diamond ringBrides often recall the popular rhyme of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and have a sixpence in your shoe” for good luck on their wedding days. Imagine having something old AND something new at the same time…a recreated vintage-inspired brand new diamond engagement ring that is both old world style and contemporary quality of craftsmanship, as if it were a thing of beauty borrowed from the pages of history, or the pages of a Victorian romance! In the Victorian era, that age of corsets and crinolines, etiquette and modesty were paramount, and a woman’s virtue was highly valued. Any Jane Austen reader, or even a fan of the costume drama adaptations would adore such a feminine ring.

The legacy of jewelry artisans is alive and well, the use of these authentic tools and models enable the craftsmen of Apples of Gold to fashion not a copy or reproduction but the genuine article, a nineteenth century ring for a twenty-first century bride. This ornate ring, the Half Carat Vintage Floral Diamond Ring, manages to be both light and feminine, a study in exquisite dichotomy of something borrowed that is also truly your own. In fact, it’s so swooningly pretty that even the bride from a few years back would be ecstatic to have it as a show-stopping anniversary present.

Antique-Style Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldWith a historic engraved band, the Antique-Style Diamond Ring in White Gold has the setting and look of another age…the central stone is not propped up on four prongs like every generic celebrity engagement ring, but nestled in a hexagonal crown and framed with light openwork engraving. Its graceful, old-world appeal is clear as soon as you catch a glimpse of this unique ring. You’ll decide instantly that Something Borrowed is indeed something you’d love to borrow for yourself! Bring a piece of the past with you as you step into your future with a ring created from the genuine nineteenth century models and tools by Apples of Gold.

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