24K Gold Filigree Cross Earrings

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Imagine wearing an echo of devotion, crafted from the world's most enchanting metal. These 24K Solid Gold Filigree Cross Earrings offer more than a touch of elegance; they offer a dialogue between artistry and spirituality.

Why 24K Gold?

Unalloyed and untamed, 24K gold resounds with a vibrant hue that can't be mimicked. In a marketplace where lesser grades are more common, this level of purity is not just a mark of quality, but a rarity to be treasured.

Measurements & Material

The earrings gracefully extend to 1 1/8" tall and 3/4" wide. Their gold weight is not trivial: at approximately 3.50 grams, these are as substantive as they are delicate.

The Cross: A Sacred Geometry

Perhaps no other symbol marries meaning and form as eloquently as the cross. When wrought in 24k gold, it emerges not just as an emblem of Christian faith, but as an aesthetic marvel—a design that speaks to the core of human spirituality.

24K Solid Gold Cross Earrings

  • Exquisite Filigree Work
  • Guaranteed Pure 24K Solid Gold
  • Dimensions: 1 1/8" Tall x 3/4" Wide
  • Gold Weight: Approx. 3.50 Grams
  • Equipped with Trustworthy Post and Push-Back Closures
  • Free Shipping in the U.S.A. (global shipping available)
  • 45-Day Return & Exchange Policy

Adorn your ears with a weave of golden filigree, a craftsmanship as rare as the purity of the gold itself. Let these earrings be a meaningful extension of your own narrative—rich in history, radiant in presence, and pure in intention.

We guarantee our 24K Gold Filigree Cross Earrings to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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