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Ruby Earrings

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Ruby Stud Earrings »

A virtuous woman (King James version), a wife of noble character (NIV), she is worth a price above rubies. What finer tribute to your wife than a pair of ruby stud earrings and a card attributing to her integrity and godliness more value than even these? Those glittering red stones and the benediction they represent will take her breath away! Read more.

Ruby stud earrings are versatile and dazzling addition to her jewelry collection, modest enough for everyday wear but meaningful and vibrant enough to enliven any garb. Emblazoning the armor of ancient Chinese and Indian warriors and ornamenting royalty, rubies are elite, distinctive, glamorous. The flash of red speaks of fire, warmth and virtue. Ranging in hue from deep crimson to a palest rose, the ruby is one of the rarest natural precious gems. Originally mined in Burma (modern-day Myanmar), the exceptional scarlet color and unusual transparency of the ruby was highly prized from around 200 BC when they were first transported from China along the North Silk Road. The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC houses the luminous, highly saturated crimson Burmese 23 carat ruby donated in memory of Carmen Lucia Buck , wife of philanthropist Peter Buck. Several exquisite and valuable rubies among the legendary jewels belonging to film star and fashion icon Elizabeth Taylor commanded record prices at the Christie’s auction in 2011. Ruby stud earrings are sure to make your beloved feel like a famous screen star as well.

Imagine her joy when she opens her gift to find a pair of ruby stud earrings, red as roses and nearly as precious as her virtue and wisdom. She will be dazzled by their beauty and honored by the Biblical sentiment as well. Ruby studs are a perfect tribute to her gentleness and strength.

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