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Green Amethyst Silver Jewelry

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Silver Green Amethyst Jewelry

The palest leaf-green of Ming Dynasty porcelain, but with a breathtaking scintillation, capturing and reflecting light with incomparable sparkle—green amethyst is an eye-catching, unique stone. Though prasiolite is commonly dubbed green amethyst by jewelry aficianados, “Irish diamond” might be more apropos, evoking the gentlest tinge of spring green that imbues this lush gemstone with its allure. It hails from Brazil, Poland and Canada, its tender hue calls forth the image of Eire’s verdant hills, so perfectly does it capture an almost Celtic romanticism. Silver green amethyst jewelry is a flawless choice for the Irish lass of your heart. Even if she has never seen sheep up close, her poetic heart stirs for the folklore of the land of Yeats and Joyce. Read more.

Amethysts have an auspicious lineage…symbolic of the tribe of Dan among the Biblical Twelve Tribes of Israel and prized in the royal jewels of empires from Ancient Egypt to modern Great Britain. In the Renaissance, amethysts were thought to denote purity and humility and clergy often wore crosses encrusted with amethysts as a result. Give a delicate piece of silver green amethyst jewelry to a young daughter, niece or granddaughter symbolic of her modesty or honor a wife or mother with this tribute to her virtuous life and spirit. Any historian or literary scholar would value green amethyst for its Renaissance significance and Biblical provenance, while a woman of simpler tastes will appreciate its inimitable beauty.

As amethyst is the customary February birthstone, silver green amethyst jewelry brings a modern twist to such a birthday gift. Perhaps purple amethyst is too traditional for your quirky sweetheart who is either on the cutting edge of fashion and disdains something so popular or so bohemian as to seek out the different and unique in her jewelry. The very greenness of this stone lends an incandescent peace and evokes the calm of nature itself, the softness of spring sunlight filtering through the leaves on a winding woodland path.

Silver green amethyst jewelry is youthful and vibrant. The verdant sheen of a cluster of white grapes warm from the sunlight as you stroll hand-in-hand through a local vineyard. Green amethyst for the pale green of her eyes when she wears her forest green cardigan at the holidays. Green amethyst for purity, for virtue, for the summer’s day you met or the Irish Sea after a storm. Your gift of silver green amethyst jewelry can symbolize so much romance.

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