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Green Amethyst Silver Rings

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Silver Green Amethyst Rings

Gleaming on her third finger, her friends spot the telltale ring that heralds your betrothal. Winking in the light is not a traditional diamond but a silver green amethyst ring, equally precious but distinctly reflecting the pair of you. Your love is like no other and your ring should be as unique, as special as the cherished connection you share. Instead of the icy white of a diamond or pearl, you selected the warmth of green amethyst, like the first leaves of crocus pushing up through the spring soil and brightening all the world around…the way her laugh warms your heart. The soft tinge of color to the gemstone made you grin, remembering how green the tips of her fingers were the time she tried to muddle mint leaves and make a homemade mojito, remembering the sharp sweetness of the first Christmas tree you chose and decorated together, recalling the hopeless tangle of green yarn from her failed attempt at knitting you a scarf. Like the timeless wedding ballad “Evergreen,” your love will not wilt nor fade nor dim with time and your engagement ring is a testament to the freshness of your devotion. Read more.

Silver green amethyst rings are perfect for a betrothal but also are a brilliant choice for a February birthday girl as well…the offbeat daughter or friend who can’t tolerate a traditional gift but cherishes a girlish love for pretty things just the same. Set as a brilliant solitaire to showcase the sparkle of the stone or in an intricate setting to thrill her vintage sensibilities, silver green amethyst rings are lovely and feminine. Green amethyst can lend sophistication as an accessory to her thrift store finds or add polish and distinction to her traditional style.

The cool whiteness of silver pairs beautifully with green amethyst to create a stunning ring, as all the light in the room seems to focus on and emanate from the glorious shimmer of the stone. Silver’s versatility renders a green amethyst ring suitable for casual as well as formal wear. She can wear a silver green amethyst ring every day as a token of friendship or a symbol of love, pretty and verdant without being rendered prim or old-fashioned by a yellow gold or rose gold setting. Whether it is an engagement ring or a birthstone gem, green amethyst will capture her heart. Choose a silver green amethyst ring for its beauty, versatility and its unique grandeur.

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