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Sterling Silver Heart Rings

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Silver Heart Rings

In his beautiful cry for God’s peace, the poet Rabindranoth Tagore wrote: “When the heart is hard and parched up, come upon me with a shower of mercy.” This picture of the heart as hopeless and yearning for the LORD is very potent with desperation, while e.e. cummings’ popular secular poem bursts forth with a joyous, “I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)” which speaks of the intimate union of a husband and wife. Classical poetry is redolent with heart imagery—that simple, robust metaphor for the seat of the spirit, the wellspring of love both for God and mankind. Heart symbolism is a natural extension of jewelry design, perfectly capturing the romanticism of the giving and receiving of rings as love tokens. A silver heart ring makes an ideal valentine, a sweetheart’s declaration, resonant with the tender sentimental connotation of the heart itself. Read more.

Silver heart rings often boast colored gemstones cut and fashioned into a heart symbol or nestled in a heart-shaped setting. While the recipient’s birthstone is a special choice for the heart ring’s central gem, any color may be used, even the stone used to represent the month in which you met…aquamarine to commemorate a rainy first date in the month of March or peridot for the August church picnic where you were first introduced. If your girl loves pink roses and all things feminine, choose a whimsical pink topaz or a delicate and versatile womanly clear cubic zirconia with the look of a diamond. Silver rings may boast heart designs in the band as well as colorful center stones. Keep in mind the distinctive tastes of your sweetheart to select a silver heart ring that reflects her style.

Remember the first time she drew a heart beside her name on a note to you? The time you carved your initials and hers inside a heart on an obliging tree trunk? The quick ink sketch of a heart you made on your calendar as a reminder of her birthday, the one that brings a silly grin to your face? The giddy thrill that zipped through your veins in that moment is the same she will feel upon opening the silver heart ring you’ve chosen just for her. The symbolism of a heart is powerful, the shape meant to embody and represent romantic love. A silver heart ring is an unmistakable declaration of affection sure to be treasured for years to come.

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