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Tanzanite Silver Jewelry

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Silver Tanzanite Jewelry Ľ

Tanzanite doesnít have a long history as a gemstone, but itís quickly becoming a favoriteóand itís not hard to see why! This gem displays a brilliant bluish-purple sparkle that sets it apart from other stones. Richer than an aquamarine and brighter than a sapphire, this hue is truly one of a kind, and it gives a unique beauty to all kinds of silver tanzanite jewelry. Read more.

Discovered in 1967 by shepherds near the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, this stone has only been found in a small five-square-mile of Tanzania. This exclusivity makes any jewelry that contains it something special. Of course, just one glance at its memorizing appearance lets you know that youíve found a gem thatís extraordinarily beautiful and set apart from all the rest.

The rarity allows silver tanzanite jewelry to show someone special that you think she is a rare treasure. A silver tanzanite ring or pendant is a beautiful and meaningful gift for anyone thatís one of a kind and beautiful in her own way. (Of course, if this striking stone has caught your eye, it would also make a gorgeous addition to your own collection!)

Pieces of silver tanzanite jewelry that feature vintage designs offer a striking combination of time-tested style and a stone with a modern edge. The feminine motifs and curves of the Victorian Era are given a burst of lively color; Art Deco-inspired pieces take on a bold glimmer that gives a nod to the excitement of this time period, while simultaneously adding a touch of modern sensibility.

Sterling silver is a wallet-friendly and stylish base for tanzanite. Its cool sheen serves as the perfect supporting player, allowing the color of this gem to take the spotlight. In addition to its good looks, this metal is also a remarkably affordable option, making tanzanite jewelry accessible for those on a budget.

All of ApplesofGold.comís silver tanzanite pieces are crafted from .925 sterling silver, the highest quality of silver that can be used for jewelry. This alloy adds small amounts of other metals to pure silver (a metal which, on its own, is too soft to be practical for use in jewelry), creating a lovely balance between durability and sleek beauty.

No matter what style you choose, the one-of-a-kind bluish-violet sparkle of tanzanite is sure to turn heads. And, when you choose a piece thatís set in sterling silver, it will be friendly to your bank account as well.

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