7 Best Engagement Ring Styles for Your Soulmate 

Finding the best engagement ring to propose to your soulmate can be one of the most significant and life-altering decisions of your life. Learn about 7 of the most popular and best engagement styles in the wedding and jewelry market today.

Sharing your life with someone is a magical and meaningful experience, and if you’ve had the chance, you know what we’re talking about. Of course, it’s tough to gather your courage and propose to your significant other. But, do you know what helps with that? Choosing the best engagement ring! When you have the perfect ring to gift your significant other or a friend who’s ready to propose to their soulmate, things can get even more exciting.

Finding the right engagement ring style will depend on your and the wearer’s preferences. By spending time with your soulmate, you must have learned something about what they do and don’t like. Consequently, you will also have a good idea about what style of engagement ring will make your soulmate’s heart melt.

Antique-Style Engagement Rings

As most stylists and jewelers confirm, antique or vintage-style engagement rings are usually 30 years older or more. The most popular vintage and antique style engagement rings are from the Art Deco era that spans from the early 1920s to the late 1930s. The best engagement rings aren’t only beautifully crafted but are also durable. Antique engagement rings usually have a bold and classy geometric look that makes them unapologetically dramatic.

In simple words, an antique style engagement ring is a good way to make a bold proposal that will make your partner fall for you even more. Old-school fashion lovers usually find vintage jewelry and engagement rings attractive. So, if your soulmate is passionate about such jewelry, now might be the time to get the perfect ring.

Christian Engagement Rings

You may already know that crucifixes and crosses are important symbols to people of the Christian faith. Most Christian weddings feature symbolic rings that represent the faith that unites the couple. Going for Christian engagement rings is a symbolic gesture that you’re reinforcing your faith in Christianity and are an automatic indication of your religion/faith. Many believers love and respect the Christian cross and its variant, the crucifix. 

Finding an engagement ring with a Christian cross or crucifix is one of the best forms to show respect and love for Christ and placing Him at the center of your life and marriage. Besides, no other gesture can be as wonderful for a couple as to celebrate their faith together.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Diamond stones are a classic choice for engagement rings worldwide. However, there’s a range of mesmerizing and attractive colored stones that make the best gemstone engagement rings. Why should you limit yourself to diamonds and expensive diamond cut-rings like everyone else? From sparkly to highly durable and long-lasting gemstones, there are endless options out there.

You can choose any chic-colored birthstone or warm and gently-colored gemstone for your precious engagement ring. Plus, the variety in today’s engagement rings includes natural gemstones made from precious elements and lab-grown stones that are affordable diamond substitutes.

Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Do you know why diamond halo engagement rings are so appealing to many couples and men who’re looking to surprise their significant other? The halo setting of engagement rings complements the center stone very well and makes the whole ring appear bigger than it is. It accentuates the overall aesthetic of the ring and makes the center stone more visible by influencing its brilliant size in an affordable way. What’s more, is that diamond halo engagement rings also feature a two-toned setting. That’s when the center stone and ring are of different colors.

In that case, viewers’ eyes will most certainly be drawn to the center stone. Overall, diamond halo engagement rings to enhance the visual appeal and accentuate the complete color contrast. 

Princess-Cut Engagement Rings

Princess-cut engagement rings give off a royal aesthetic. That’s because they combine several stone cuts in a single piece to create a completely unique appearance. Usually, couples or men go for a square princess-cut look that appears more modern and chic. On the other hand, some people still consider the round and brilliant diamond princess-cut engagement ring due to their traditional appeal and aesthetics.

The best part is that while they offer comforting visuals, princess-cut engagement rings are cost-effective. That’s because the diamond fit into the ring doesn’t go through excessive cutting as the raw stone’s structure is kept nearly the same. Hence, cutters waste less of a diamond.

Diamond Solitaire Rings

Diamond solitaire rings have been a sweetheart on the market for engagement rings. Most jewelers also love the idea of selling solitaire rings to customers due to their classic and traditional appeal. Since the term solitaire represents “one,” it means that the whole ring design is focused on just one stone. Generally, stylists prefer going for diamond solitaire rings where the diamond stone is fit in a traditional 4-prong setting, a cathedral style or a claw-like or prong-like band.

If your soulmate loves simplicity but delicacy and elegance, you can choose the perfect diamond solitaire ring to make them fall in love with you once more. Diamond solitaire rings are always in fashion and withstand the test of time.

Three Stone Diamond Rings

You may know the three-stone diamond rings as the “trilogy” style engagement. In case you’ve never laid eyes on a three-stone diamond ring before, you should know that it makes quite a statement. Three stones are symbolic, and as some stylists suggest, they represent your past, present, and future. Three-stone diamond rings come in an expansive variety that’s never-ending. You will find modern and chic ring bands.

Also, you can go with traditionally-styled and crafted bands to fit three-stone diamonds on them. To impress your soulmate with a beautiful three-stone diamond engagement ring, get a larger center stone with two smaller diamond stones flanking each side of the center stone.

Shopping for Your Engagement Ring

Making your soulmate happy can bring joy and comfort to your life as well. Buying the most popular and best engagement ring style from a reliable jewelry store can mean a lot to you as a couple. So, invest some time and do the necessary research to pick the perfect wedding and engagement ring. As the tradition goes, picking the rings is the responsibility of the men, and most men feel honored in doing so.

Of course, it takes some research and a bit of sizing work to make sure that your chosen ring is a perfect surprise. Today, you don’t even have to go through the hassle of visiting a nearby local jewelry shop or perhaps the selection at your local jeweler is limited or unavailable. With today’s tools, you can make an informed decision and shop online by just knowing the preferred style and the correct ring size for the person you wish to surprise. The advantage to shopping online for your jewelry is the greater selection, the tools and ability to research the perfect style and fit for you, and the ability to do some price comparison shopping or to find unique engagement ring styles that may be unavailable elsewhere.

At Apples of Gold Jewelry, we make shopping easy and affordable. Reach out to us with questions. Ask about our GIA certified or conflict-free diamonds, which are available by request on just about any of our diamond rings even if not listed as such. We can customize your selection or even completely custom design your jewelry!

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