Unconventional Wedding Bands: Let Your Ring Shine the Brightest 

Nothing says ‘forever’ like a truly unconventional wedding band. These days, you have a lot of options available to you for wedding bands that truly help you stand out from the crowd, such as one of the many rings from this collection of modern wedding bands. And these bands actually help you to make a strong statement. Therefore, why wait if you are soon to get married? With these unconventional wedding rings, you will now have options that very few people know about. This, alone should spark enough energy within you to go running after these precious wedding bands.

Shine With These Unconventional Beauties

14K White Gold Square Wedding Band

14K White Gold Square Wedding Band

Ever seen a square wedding band before? Probably not, thereby making it so unconventional that it will knock your socks off. This uniquely crafted square band is made of a 14K white gold and is available in polished and brushed finish.

The ring is 2mm thick and 6 mm wide and comes in any metal that you would like it to be, like for instance Platinum. An 18K White Gold version is also available. The ring will fit so perfectly and comfortably into your hand that you will not even know it is there. No matter where you wear it, it is bound to make heads turn.


Vintage Floral Wedding Band in 14K White GoldVintage Floral Wedding Band in 14K White Gold

This exquisite beauty probably reminds you of a classic era that is now long gone. And if you are a fan of the olden days, then you will definitely like this vintage band on your finger. A beautiful floral pattern is also woven on the ring in a soft and delicate manner and the band is 1.5 mm thick and 3mm wide. The band is designed in such a manner that it offers instant comfort upon wearing it and can last you a lifetime. The exceptional handwork is just out of this world and the best part is that this band is available in three varieties, thereby giving you considerable options to choose from.

Zigzag Diamond Wedding Band, 14K White Gold

Zigzag Diamond Wedding Band, 14K White Gold

This stunning White Gold wedding band has a beautifully sequenced zigzag pattern of diamonds attached to it. The staggered pattern is probably the first of its kind and barely ever seen before, and this special pattern helps to enhance the beauty of the diamonds even more. Only looking at the ring gives you a feeling of immense differentiation and uniqueness. The band is 2mm thick and 4 mm wide with a great attention to detail. You can also find a Yellow Gold version of the same ring available.

How do you feel after looking at the amazing unconventional rings? Does any particular one appeal to you better than the rest? Why not consider getting that particular ring for the love of your life? It will surely make them the happiest spouse on the planet, especially considering that so much thought was put into getting a wedding band for them. Not only that, these appealing bands will get you a lot of attention from the people around you.

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