September Birthstone: Why Not Surprise Your Loved One with a Sapphire This Month? 

September is the month of the lovely and pure sapphire, and if you have a special someone in your life, then you can surprise them with a nice sapphire ring this month. If they do not already know, then tell them how sapphire is the birthstone of September and how you thought of them and how special they are in this month. Here are some of the most amazing sapphire rings that you can make your better half happy with:

Asscher-Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Bridal Ring Set

This one of a kind ring is bound to surprise them due to its sophisticated design which is simply remarkable. The ring consists of a huge sapphire gemstone situated right in the middle of beautiful and glamorous diamonds that help to enhance the beauty of the sapphire further. Being so bright and with such an elegant look, it is bound to attract a lot of admiring looks.

September BirthstoneThree-Stone Oval Sapphire Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold

This beautiful ring consists of three oval cut sapphires and helps to define the true meaning of elegance. The precious gemstone is displayed in a simple yet a highly stunning manner, making it appealing to all kinds of people. The diamonds that surround the beautiful blue gemstones help to magnify the lavish effect that these sapphires display. Sapphire is truly a timeless gemstone and its beauty and popularity traces back to thousands of years. With the collection of gemstones embedded in this ring, it will surely shine bright for any wearer, and they will instantly be the center of attention of any party.

September Birthstone 1Sapphire and 0.30 Carat Diamond Ring – 14K White Gold

This diamond and sapphire ring is a classic beauty and is anything but ordinary. Both gemstones help to add a striking contrast and extravagant beauty to the ring. Although the cut of the sapphire in the ring dates back to 15th century, the vintage style ring definitely has a modern touch to it making it exquisite. The cluster of diamonds on each side of the sapphire helps to add a lot more beauty to the ring, and the wearer will definitely feel this beauty shining on. This ring is also designed in a way that it fits comfortably on the finger of the wearer, thereby giving an added benefit. They will not even know that they are wearing this ring.

September Birthstone 2Are you and your loved one fond of sapphire rings? Then why not purchase them one in the month of September. It will be the perfect time since sapphire is the birthstone of September and your special someone will definitely love the thought that you put into buying them this special gift. Sapphire is also very beautiful in itself and an extremely valuable gemstone. Without a doubt, this gemstone will provide lifelong happiness to your partner and will constantly remind them of how much you love them.

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