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September is often a month of contradictions, a confluence of two seasons, filled with transitions from summer pool parties to autumn’s bonfires, with the back to school rush and the drop of temperatures from sweltering August to the cool longer dusks of September. It is that distinctive deep blue September twilight that is captured so perfectly by the sapphire, this month’s traditional birthstone. Precious sapphire is known for its royal blue color, though sapphires are found in nature in nearly every hue from the white that is nearly colorless through shades of gray and blue to the very deepest blue-black of the most valuable and expensive stones, with yellow and pink variations also in existence, though they are less highly prized. It is the integrity of sapphire’s primary hue—blue—that determines its evaluation, although a violet undertone adds to its beauty and appeal in many cases.

three stone sapphire ring

Sapphires are mined in many locations from Montana in the United States to Australia, Madagascar, Thailand and Sri Lanka, the latter being the source of the legendary Logan Sapphire, a 423-carat blue gem-quality sapphire now housed in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Having been found among the sediment of river beds and on alluvial plains since ancient times, sapphires have long been valued for their beauty. Because of sapphire’s incredible hardness (9 on the Mohs scale—only moissanite and diamonds are harder!) they are used for industrial purposes as well as being prized for ornamentation throughout history. Sapphires that aren’t gem-quality may be used in wristwatch crystals or the infrared optical components of certain scientific instruments. Sapphire is both gorgeous and strong, like the woman you love, whose beauty is tempered by patience and her unflinching faith. She is lovely and delicate, but she’s been tested by the fire, has proven her mettle by her endurance and devotion.

Vintage Octagonal Floral Blue Sapphire CZ Ring in Sterling Silver

Even the ancients saw the blend of the aesthetic and the durable in precious sapphire, such as you see in genuine sapphire rings. In the King James Bible, sapphires are referenced to suggest solidity, dependability and succor in the book of Isaiah: Isaiah 54:11 O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, I will lay thy stones with fair colours, and lay thy foundations with sapphires.It is likewise true that scholars now believe that the seal stone in the ring of King Solomon was a blue sapphire. A September beauty aware of this fact would surely welcome a delicate birthstone ring of sapphire set with a cross to depict not only the month of her birth but also the clear foundation of her faith in the Lord.

Antique-Style Sapphire Wedding Ring Set

A lavish three-stone sapphire ring in an engraved band set with diamonds shows off the true beauty of dark blue precious sapphires in a regal setting that is sure to fascinate your September princess. Alternatively, a September wedding or even a wedding to your September-born bride would be exquisitely symbolized by the enchanted bridal sapphire set with its elaborate vintage setting and sweet curving band which cradles the precious sapphire engagement ring as gently as a husband protects the wife to whom God has bound him with a sacred vow.

Sapphire and 0.30 Carat Diamond Ring - 14K White GoldFor the bride (or extremely lucky birthday girl) a true vintage reproduction ring in precious sapphire would be the perfect fit. Not a newly designed ring in an old fashioned style, this is an actual 19th century era setting crafted with the original tools and hubs from the 1800s to create a faithful and authentic replica of the sort of fine jewelry a genteel lady of the Victorian era would cherish. This ring is so distinctive, so out of the ordinary that it simply must be seen to be believed…and as soon as you see it, you’ll yearn for one of your own. The Vintage Octagonal Floral Blue Sapphire CZ Ring in Sterling Silver is a wondrous piece of artistry destined to sweep your September girl off her feet. Its unabashed romanticism is nothing less than dazzling. Instead of merely admiring this sort of vintage jewel on Downton Abbey, she can have one of her own to take her breath away. You would be hard pressed to find  September girl—or any girl, really—who wouldn’t love to wear this ring with its cool vintage vibe that rocks her everyday jeans as magically as it adds a deep sparkle to her best special occasion dress. (See: Sapphire Engagement Rings).

At the opposite end of the style spectrum is the simple and clean, the minimalist contemporary ring design which is epitomized by the Sapphire and 0.30 Carat Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold with its unadorned purity and the nearly futuristic shine of its glossy band. This woman is not an incurable romantic, but a clever girl whose heart you managed to win with wit and unswerving devotion. Not for her, the complicated curlicues of a bygone era, but the straightforward declaration of the sapphire’s simple perfection that is as unarguably obvious as her own. She is, quite simply, the one for you and her ring should be as minimalist and plainspoken as she is. Pair it with sapphire earrings.

sapphire stud earrings

Autumn is the time of lingering twilights, the time when the brash blue of a summer sky gives way to the mellowing depth of an autumn dusk. The girl born in September has the best of both worlds, the end of a long hot summer and the beginning of something new and steadier, warm days and cool nights when you pull your jacket from the back of the closet to fend off the growing chill at hometown football games. How lovely she would look with a cool blue sapphire and diamond ring. September is on the cusp of shorter days and longer nights, of glasses of icy lemonade giving way to steaming mugs of hot chocolate. Celebrate this confluence of opposites, this gentle season of transition with the gift of the autumn sapphire, September’s glorious birthstone whose depth of blue calls to mind the deepening twilights of the season itself.

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