Something Blue: Sapphire Engagement Rings 

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antique sapphire wedding engagement ring setAdmit it. You swooned a little when Prince William gave Kate Middleton that famous sapphire sparkler as an engagement present—the stunning ring that is, itself, the pinnacle symbol of a modern fairy tale. If you confessed to the real truth, a sapphire engagement ring would make you feel like a princess, something special instead of the usual run of diamonds everyone expects to see when you show them your new engagement ring.

Imagine taking your grandmother’s breath away when, excited about your betrothal, she asks to see the ring and, bracing herself to cheerfully greet a standard diamond solitaire from the shopping mall jewelry chain store (the kind that gives out logo teddy bears with purchase and sends you off with your once-in-a-lifetime ring purchase in a white plastic bag), she sees the spellbinding Antique Style Sapphire Wedding Set! Sapphire engagement rings are so distinctive, so incredibly pretty that your female relatives are sure to coo their approval of your unique ‘something blue’. When you see that flash of deep blue in the mirror of the bridal shop as you try on wedding gowns, you’ll feel for a moment like Kate Middleton going in for an ultra-private fitting at Alexander McQueen for that iconic style moment.

Antique-Style Diamond and Sapphire Floret Engagement RingA hopeless romantic is sometimes bashful, sometimes modest and shy of grandiose displays of affection. If the bride-to-be is such a girl, a reserved lady with a sentimental heart, the Antique Style Diamond and Sapphire Floret Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold is the one for her—more Snow White than Cinderella, more sweet cottage than lavish castle. Its elaborate and decidedly feminine details make its sweetness all the more delightful in this timeless ring. The Antique Floret ring has an affectionate, romantic style without the crass showpiece of a giant central stone, but instead integrates a precious deep blue sapphire into the dainty setting itself like a flower blossom nestled among diamonds instead of spring leaves. It’s fancy but not showy, a love token for a shy girl who will croon over its precious details.

Asscher-Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Bridal Ring SetIf her style icon is more Hollywood royalty Elizabeth Taylor than ladylike Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, the Asscher cut is sure to be her pick. This brash, stylized ring would have been at home gracing the hand of the legendary Mrs. Burton at the height of her glamour. The double row of angular halos of diamonds sets the latest halo-ring trend on its head—this dazzler can outshine any trendy diamond solitaire surrounded by a circle of small matching stones. The sophistication of the dark midnight blue sapphire in the bold Asscher cut, surrounded by two steps of sharp unconventional white diamond halos marks out this angel of your heart as one of a kind—elite and distinctive. Choose to propose marriage with the Asscher Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Bridal Ring Set to ensure that her ‘something blue’ is a stunner that will make her aspirational, designer name-dropping, Vogue-reading heart skip a beat.

The sweet verse about blessings for a bride on her wedding day always includes that special ‘something blue’ but instead of a blue satin ribbon on her bouquet or a borrowed pair of aquamarine earrings, make her shine with a sapphire engagement ring that she’ll wear proudly down the aisle as a sign of the love and devotion that’s brought the two of you to this special day where you’ll make a sacred vow before the Lord together. As you join hands, know that the sapphire engagement ring you gave her tells the world that she and she alone is your princess, your duchess, your bride.

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