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Unusual Gemstones: Unique Gifts

14K Rose Gold Mozambique Garnet Gemstone Ring

STLRG-121995GT-RCGems being precious just cannot be possessed by all and sundry. ~ Sam Veda

Deep red color immediately catches the eye in this 14k Rose Gold Mozambique Garnet Gemstone Ring. A unique version of the coveted garnet and diamond ring, the featured 6.5mm round garnet is paired with almost a quarter carat of round, white diamonds that glitter and sparkle. Accenting the slender band, the diamonds run along the sides of the ring and then encircle the center garnet, forming a stylish frame that takes on the task of presenting the gemstone with aplomb. Sophisticated and elegant, the warmth and softness of the rose gold is the perfect complement to the bright stones and beautifully affirms the extraordinary virtues of the ring.

Also available in 14k white gold or sterling silver.


4.78 Carat Onyx Quartz Ring in Sterling Silver with 18K Yellow Gold

onyx-ring-in-sterling-silver-with-18k-yellow-gold-accent-138KR000895ONCGuard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The main attraction in this unusual ring is the 4.78 carat oval onyx quartz gemstone, faceted to reflect even more light than is normal from its 13mm x 9.5mm face. Silky black, it sit stylishly in its .925 Sterling silver setting, surrounded by its 18k yellow gold rope accent. The top half of the ring features an enhancement of etched decorative artwork, widening at the top and narrowing at the bottom for a comfortable fit.

A real attention-getter and a ring you’ll want to wear again and again, it may become the favorite piece in your jewelry collection. Our Faceted Black Onyx Earrings would go well with this gorgeous ring.


Vintage White Topaz Cross Ring in .925 Sterling Silver

HGO-R120WCThere are gems of thought that are ageless and eternal. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Victorian sentiment is written all over this beautiful and unexpected cross ring. Our craftsmen used a fleur-de-lis design as the inspiration for our Vintage White Topaz Cross Ring and cast it in .925 Sterling Silver.

The round, white, 3mm topaz gemstone is centered in an ornate cross that has the fleur-de-lis motif top and bottom and has resplendent forms on both side arms of the cross. Queen Victoria herself couldn’t have asked for a more stately, comely ring!

Also available in 14K White Gold, 18K Gold or Platinum by request.

0.50 Carat Moissanite and Diamond Vintage Style Engagement Ring

vintage-style-engagement-ring-ENR8464CI adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it. ~ Elizabeth Taylor

A 5mm, round Moissanite gemstone sits in regal splendor at center stage in this all-star performance. With 64 accent diamonds in stunning array, the vintage 14k white gold setting harkens back to a more elegant time. This dazzling concoction includes 0.39 carats of white diamonds.

Also available in 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, or platinum by request.

See our collection of moissanite rings.

14K Gold Opal Heart Ring

gold-opal-heart-ring-XBS499CRich and rare were the gems she wore, / And a bright gold ring on her hand she bore. ~ Thomas Moore

Opals are said to hold many magical powers, but the power this one has is over your loved one’s heart. This oval, genuine opal is held in the center of a heart of gold, 14k yellow gold, to be exact. The band gracefully curves into the heart shape and supports two small, side accent, white diamonds. The opal measures approximately 5mm x 4mm and weighs about 0.22 carats. The diamonds weigh 0.01 carat total weight. View our collection of quality opal rings.

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