Vintage Diamond Bridal Sets for Modern Women 

03-18-2013 antique-style bridal setThe designs of Victorian and Art Deco-inspired bridal sets may be old, but they’re far from outdated. Engagement ring and wedding band sets that are inspired by the past capture the beauty and romanticism of times when life moved at a slower pace, and they’re excellent picks when you want to celebrate a love that seems to make time stand still.

Antique-Style 1/3 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring SetThe lavishly-detailed patterns of the Victorian Era adorn a number of diamond bridal sets, and these meticulously-crafted feminine looks are just as striking today as they were a century ago. For instance, the engagement ring in the Antique-Style 1/3 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Set places a round third-carat diamond within a richly-designed 14K white gold setting that keeps the eye moving with a host of swirls and cutouts. Complementing this piece is a perfectly coordinating slender wedding band that reflects the patterns of its partner and perfectly follows its curves.

While white diamonds are classic picks and may seem like the fitting choice for vintage styles, don’t overlook two less-than-traditional variations: blue diamond and black diamonds. These stones bring unexpected personality to looks inspired by the past, and add a sense of fresh style that brings these rings into the present.

Blue Diamond 1 Carat Art Deco Bridal SetFor instance, the Blue Diamond 1 Carat Art Deco Bridal Set places a brilliant round 1-carat blue diamond within a setting inspired by the 1920s. This eye-catching gemstone emerges from the opening petals of a gleaming lotus flower and is set upon a band covered with engraved leaves and swirling motifs. Complementing this exquisite engagement ring is a wedding band that displays an identical pattern, continuing it in perfectly-matched fashion. This uniquely beautiful ring is also available with a perpetually chic black diamond as the 1 Carat Art Deco Black Diamond Bridal Set, as well as with a traditional dazzling white diamond as the 1 Carat Art Deco Diamond Bridal Set, which incorporates both white and yellow gold.

2 Carat Antique Style Diamond Bridal SetOf course, a bridal set doesn’t need an uncommon gem to stand out from the crowd—and on your finger. For example, the 2 Carat Antique Style Diamond Bridal Set uses a full two carats of diamonds to create look that will stop traffic. A round 0.75 carat diamond is the centerpiece of the engagement ring in this set, as it rises regally above a host of strong supporting players. Over 150 smaller round diamonds sparkle from both the sides and the top of the bands of both rings, reflecting light from every visible side, while a foundation of shining white gold upholds them. Fine beaded edges offset this pair’s bevy of stones and add textural interest. This vintage style is a stunning celebration of love that’s incredibly precious and that only becomes a greater treasure with the passing of time.

These diamond bridal sets may display the designs of decades past, but that doesn’t keep them from being stunning in the present. These pairs of engagement rings and wedding bands are dazzling pictures of love that transcends time.

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