Why Titanium Wedding Bands May Be Your Best Choice 

You’re a modern man (or woman) who likes the very best in your personal items, from your car to your clothing, to your household things. So why not your wedding ring as well? Enter titanium!

Titanium is not only a beautiful metal to wear, it has properties that are unique as well. It is biocompatible (hypoallergenic), lightweight, corrosion resistant, and have the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any crystalline metal. This means that your titanium wedding band will not cause you to have breakouts from wearing the ring, won’t corrode, and you’d be hardpressed to bend your band out of shape.Titanium rings are stronger than all other metals, which means your wedding band will last a lifetime, and like this Titanium Cross Wedding Band will be something you’ll want to pass down through the generations.cr9c

 Around the 1990s, titanium became all the rage, and its popularity has never declined. People love that titanium rings can be worn in the water with no adverse reactions, unlike silver which will tarnish if worn in chlorinated water, or brass and bronze which will corrode in salt water. They enjoyed the various styles, which included some very unusual ones indeed.

The classic style is an oval or circle which is crafted into shape and then no other equipment or machines are used in its finishing, which is smooth and shiny. There are other, rarer styles, too. The very unusual Mokume-gane is a Japanese style that gives the metal the appearance of woodgrain. Sable gives the appearance of silk, while frost gives the appearance of being frozen.

Whoever first crafted titanium into a ring or other jewelry has lost his fame to the annals of history, but since 2000, availability of titanium rings has become large scale. Many outlets have turned to specializing exclusively in the design and sale of titanium rings. Apples of Gold has a large, very nice collection of titanium wedding bands that are crafted to be comfortable and look beautiful and come in men’s and women’s sizes.

n28cTake for instance our Titanium Infinity Symbol Wedding Band Ring. This is an example of our hand crafted titanium wedding bands that are unusual and made to last. The infinity symbol is white, and is also available in blue, black or natural titanium color. As with all our titanium rings, it is made with aircraft grade titanium 6-4 (6% aluminum, 4% vanadium, 90% titanium). Choose either polished (shiny) or satin finish (matte) in 5mm to 10mm widths.

Another nice thing about our titanium rings is our Signature Comfort Fit feature, which means that the inside edges are perfectly shaped for maximum comfort yet the middle of the inside is flat so that the ring neither rocks on the arc nor sits too high on the finger.

We’ve developed a special epoxy resin blend in our titanium wedding bands that is extremely durable and can be polished to a near mirror finish.


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