Benefits of Titanium Wedding Bands – Six Standout Properties 

April 29, 2013 | By More

04-29-2013 aircraftgradetitaniumTitanium is still one of the new kids on the block when it comes to wedding jewelry. However, titanium wedding bands are fast becoming favorites for modern brides and grooms for their unique attributes and budget-friendly prices. Let’s take a look at six standout properties that make wedding rings that are crafted from titanium excellent picks:


Titanium Hammered Wedding Band RingFirst and foremost, titanium is known for its strength. This metal is used to hold aircraft together, and the same fortitude that makes it valuable to the aerospace industry makes it an excellent medium for wedding bands. Titanium wedding bands are highly resistant to scratches and dents, and hold their shape for the long haul, making them excellent symbols of lasting love.

If you’d like a ring that celebrates titanium’s impressive strength, consider the Titanium Hammered Wedding Band Ring. This rugged yet sophisticated ring has an artful pounded texture that makes it the perfect representation of a love that can withstand the storms of life, as well as a picture of two people who are only draw closer together by trials.

Light Weight

Even though titanium is stronger than steel, it’s 50 percent lighter than its notoriously strong counterpart. This means that a titanium wedding band will feel nearly weightless on your finger, making it a comfortable pick, as well as a fitting symbol of love that never drags you down.

Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band RingHypoallergenic

Since Titanium wedding rings are crafted from a pure metal, they’re naturally hypoallergenic picks. These wedding bands won’t cause irritation for those with metal allergies or sensitive skin.


Over time, some of the metals that are commonly used in wedding bands will corrode or tarnish. Not titanium! Titanium wedding bands are made of a non-reactive metal, allowing them to resist rust and tarnish and retain their shine for a lifetime.

The Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring is a lovely way to showcase titanium’s lasting shine and fortitude against corrosion. This flat titanium band is wrapped with a modern take on a never-ending Celtic infinity knot, a symbol of eternity. This blue titanium oxide motif stands out from the band that holds it to create a vibrant picture of love that never loses its brilliance.

Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding BandSleek Good Looks

In addition to its standout performance properties, titanium has a cool modern sheen that’s won it fans for its looks alone. While titanium is sometimes thought of only as a medium for men’s wedding bands, its good looks make it suitable for both brides and grooms. In addition to styles for men, Apples of gold carries a selection of titanium wedding bands for women, including the lovely Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band.


Despite their many desirable qualities and attractive sheen, titanium wedding bands are remarkably affordable. They’re perfect picks for anyone looking to cut costs without cutting quality or style.

Whether you’re looking for a ring that’s strong, that feels light on your finger, that’s gentle on your skin, that won’t rust or tarnish, that’s budget-friendly or that’s simply good -looking, a titanium wedding band delivers!

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