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18K Gold Men’s Cross Pendant

18K Gold Polished Men’s Cross Pendant

Apples of Gold Jewelry has released its most popular men’s gold cross pendants in 18k gold, including our 18k Gold Polished Men’s Cross Pendant and 18K Gold Onyx Cross Pendant.

The 14K Gold Men’s Cross Pendant has been our best selling men’s cross for over 3 years and with increased customer demand for 18k gold among both U.S. and European customers, Apples of Gold has crafted their most popular crosses now in 18k gold.

The Apples of Gold cross is a solid piece, fully finished on both sides (not hollow on back) and is a full 2.5mm thick, making it a substantial, quality piece for men that can be passed down through the generations. This inside of the cross is not hollowed either or tubular, but a full solid piece of gold. This cross is also available in 14k yellow gold or 18k white gold.

18K Gold Onyx Cross Pendant

A bold and unique version of the same cross is our men’s gold onyx cross pendant, which is also now available as an 18k gold onyx cross. Sleek lines of yellow gold contrast beautifully against the genuine black onyx stones. Another fully solid piece, measuring 1 3/4″ tall by 1″ wide and a full 2.5mm thick to accommodate the black onyx stones.

Onyx stones are a member of the quartz family. Occurring naturally in a variety of colors, black onyx is polished smooth to enhance its deep black color.

This piece is also available in 14k gold and 14k white gold.

Women’s Solid Gold Crosses

Get a matching set with our women’s 14k gold cross pendant (available in 18k gold by request) or our women’s 14k gold onyx cross pendant.

The womens’ versions measure 1″ tall x 3/4″ wide. The difference with Apples of Gold Jewelry crosses is that they are thick, fully solid pieces that you can pass on through the generations to your family, children, and the ones you love!

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