The Apples of Gold “Best Of” Series: The Best Of Our White Gold Wedding Bands

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When couples set out to find their wedding rings, they usually have at least a vague idea of what they want. Maybe they know which metal or which design, but there are always the questions: Which metal is best for my wedding ring? Will the ring I choose today still delight me in forty years? Our upcoming article series displays the best of our wedding bands. We help you learn about your wedding jewelry, showing you our most popular and beloved styles, and giving you the confidence you need in choosing your own ring. This is a big decision, we want to help you find your perfect match.

Why White Gold?

Current styles definitely tip in favor of the white metals. That means platinum, white gold, or sterling silver. While platinum is popular, gold trumps it in affordability and durability. Sterling is a possible wedding band choice, but its tendency to tarnish detracts many buyers.

White gold contains the same amount of pure gold as its yellow counterparts of the same karatage. Which is to say, a 14k white gold ring contains the same amount of pure gold as a 14k yellow gold ring. The only difference is the alloy metal used. White gold is an alloy (mixture) of gold with a lighter metal, usually palladium.

White gold also scores high points for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. If, after several years, you ring needs a luster-boost, a jeweler can give it a new coat of rhodium to restore that wedding day shine. The strength of gold also makes it especially appealing for rings that hold stones.

Is white gold the choice for you? In style, durability, and affordability, white gold is hard to beat.

Here Is A Look At Our Most Popular White Gold Wedding Bands: 

14K White Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring. One of our most popular styles among men, this 14k white gold ring (shown above left) features a brushed, hammered center with shiny, lustrous borders. Masculine and classy, this ring is a favorite among men who favor simple elegance. This ring, shown here in the 6.5mm size, can also be customized to different widths. A timeless design—you’ll love it as much every year to come as you do today.

Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band Ring. This ring (above right) combines the solid construction of a white gold wedding ring, with an ornate design. The paisley pattern is rich in historical and spiritual meaning, representing harvest, abundance, and the union of two entities. This ring is perfect for the man who seeks a ring design with a deeper meaning and significance.

14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band Ring. This popular ring, also in the paisley style, is perfect for a woman’s hand. The band’s width is 4mm and comfort fit. Beautiful, delicate, and intricate, this ring is certain to delight its wearer for years to come.

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