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The World of Disney

No other company in the entertainment industry existing today could have a story, or history, as interesting, inspiring or innovative as the Walt Disney Corporation. Officially launched in October of 1923 with a 12-minute film called Alice’s Wonderland, Walt Elias Disney introduced animation to the world and the world was never the same since.

From its humble beginnings, Walt Disney steered his company through wars, economic depression, stock market crashes and many more challenges until his death in 1966. It is interesting to note that through all these setbacks, he plodded on and continued to provide amusement and entertainment to young and adults alike. Beyond his passing and with his brother Roy at the helm of the company, he continued to inspire boundless imagination and creativity among the employees of the corporation. In turn, they have awed the world with wonderful offerings be it in publishing, film and TV productions, musicals and stage plays, music, as well as age appropriate educational programs produced in various media. It has built the famous Disneyland amusement parks in Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and of course, America.

Moreover, the company has successfully built upon the years of pioneering to become the recognized leader in the animation industry. It has given the world well-loved films and stories that resonates throughout many generations. It has also capitalized on its popularity to mass produce merchandise that bears the images of its well-loved characters. This particular aspect of the business has never been as global or as colossal as ever before.

Recently, a new fine Disney Jewelry line was introduced and had been added to the company’s prestigious list of products. Disney Pendants, necklaces and Disney bracelets in 14K gold can be purchased at authorized Disney retailers, such as Apples of Gold Jewelry. It’s a perfect gift for your child who must be crazy with Playhouse Disney and in time, it will serve as a happy reminder of their childhood. This collection is also available for adults!

You can surely find any person alive today who has had fond memories of Walt Disney’s multitude of characters. From the beloved Mickey Mouse, to the endearing Pooh and his friends; from the princesses who all lived happily ever after, to the world of magic and fairy tales. Walt Disney meticulously chose these stories to share with us in various media that had certainly appealed to all of us, whether as a child or as a parent.

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