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A Plentitude of Pearls

If one strand of pearls is extraordinary, three are even more so. This season, the trend in wearing the precious pearl is the bold, dramatic layering of strands. And the pearls don’t have to match—combine your grandmother’s delicate pearl necklace with a strand of oversized baroque pearls. Pearls come in a rainbow of colors—don’t hesitate to mix grays, pinks, blacks, and golds as you layer your strands. Choose necklaces of varying lengths from collars to chokers to opera and rope lengths. The glam ‘jumble’ look gives you freedom to use what’s in your jewelry box and add a fun new strand to the mix.

Don’t own your own set of pearls? Start with a multi-strand like the Triple Strand White Freshwater Pearl Necklace pictured here. These AAAA pearls from China are graded ‘superior’ for luster and each pearl measures 7-8mm. This exquisite necklace is the perfect start, or addition, to your pearl jewelry collection.

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