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Alternative October Birthstone

Technically, the official October birthstone is opal. Unfortunately, many women are not the biggest fans of the opal gemstone. Since it is a soft gemstone, it is delicate, porous and cannot withstand high heat or heavy wear (it scratches easily).  The porous composition of an opal gemstone also means that the wearer needs to be very careful when coming into contact with liquids other than pure water. Detergents, chlorine, dyes and other chemicals will easily seep into the opal and alter its beauty. Luckily, for women who want a beautiful October birthstone other than the opal, pink tourmaline and pink sapphire are welcome alternatives.

Pink Sapphire – Alternative October Birthstone

Unlike delicate opal, sapphire are a very hardy gemstone that can withstand daily wear and still look beautiful. Pink sapphires have the same mineral composition as regular blue sapphires, which come from the mineral corundum. Interestingly, rubies are also composed of the mineral corundum but are known as an entirely different gemstone than pink and blue sapphires. Sapphires turn pink due to an increased presence in chromium, and are also usually more affordable than sapphires. pink sapphire ring 2

Pink sapphires are a stone of passion that are said to bring joy and playfulness into a loving relationship. They are also said to provide strength through difficult situations, and are known as the gemstone associated with forgiveness and release. So not only do they make a beautiful alternative October birthstone, they would also be the perfect gift to give in apology to a loved one.

Finding the Perfect Pink Sapphire Jewelry

Apples of Gold carries a stunning selection of pink sapphire jewelry that would make a gorgeous birthday gift for October birthdays. The best part about giving the gift of pink sapphire jewelry is that your beloved can wear it constantly without having to worry about damaging it, like they would with an opal. What could be better?

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