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Antique Style Key Pendants

17th Century armory key pendantThe humble key has captivated the hearts and imaginations of both jewelry lovers and designers.  A once-utilitarian tool, the symbolism of a key evolved over the centuries into a representation of safety, trust, love and security. Though the keys of today are no longer adorned with ornate scrollwork, the beautiful designs and pattern work of earlier ancestors is still commemorated in the form of beautiful key pendants.  The diminutive size, intricate detail and romantic symbolism behind the skeleton key makes it a perfect gift for a loved one, this Valentine’s Day or otherwise.

One reason we love gifting a pretty key pendant this Valentine’s Day is that it’s a beautiful, romantic piece of jewelry that isn’t overtly Valentine’s. Heart pendants, earrings and bracelets are undoubtedly lovely, but one can only give heart-shaped jewelry so many times before the gift idea becomes trite – especially when dating the same person for a number of years. Instead, consider an equally gorgeous and meaningful key pendant necklace as a symbol of your love; give that special someone the ‘key to your heart’ to demonstrate your Zodiac Signs Key Pendantdevotion.

Apples of Gold recently introduced two stunning antique-inspired key pendants that make such pretty gifts. The first pendant is inspired by a 17th Century Armory Key . An armory key was traditionally used to secure a collection of weaponry and belonged to individuals of high social status. Two carved lions on the key pendant guard the earth between their paws, representing valor and courage.

Another one of our favorite key pendants is the delicate Zodiac Skeleton Key. Antiqued sterling silver is adorned with the twelve signs of the zodiac, hidden within the key’s design. This key pendant is slightly smaller than the first, but is beautiful in its delicacy and offers a touch of whimsy with the concealed zodiac symbols.

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