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Antique Style Sapphire Ring Wedding Set

vintage-antique-style-sapphire-wedding-ring-setThe more we head into the future, it seems that style-wise we are looking to the past. This statement is especially true when it comes to jewelry, and wedding rings in particular. During the 1980s and 1990s, jewelry styles went from oversized and over-the-top to super sleek, subdued and modern. But during the 2000s, a subtle shift in taste occurred that led style backwards in time – all the way back to the Victorian era.

The Victorian era was the period in history that set many of the wedding traditions society still holds dear today, including the bride’s white dress, diamond engagement rings and elaborate cakes.  So perhaps it makes sense then, that the same jewelry style that defined that era will always be considered beautiful in the design of engagement rings and wedding bands. As we head towards 2010, everything old is new again with vintage inspired color palettes, fashion and jewelry, and wedding rings seem to have followed suit.

To celebrate the beautiful antique designs from history, we have created this gorgeous antique style sapphire wedding ring and wedding band set for the bride. Though antique in style, it still makes a modern statement with the stunning blue sapphire stone set in 14K solid white gold. To maintain an authentic appearance, the white gold ring is not rhodium plated to reflect the beautiful patina of vintage white gold jewelry. Finally, the detailing in the white gold ring is exquisite; paisleys and filigree adorn the bands for a truly unique (and very vintage) effect.

For couples who love to customize their jewelry, this antique sapphire wedding ring set is also available in 18K white gold, yellow gold and platinum. Since your wedding ring should truly define your style and personality, choosing the right rings is an important task. Check out Apples of Gold’s selection of wedding rings for men and women to get some wonderful style ideas.

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