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Antiqued Celtic Wedding Bands

Celtic wedding band triquetraThe intricate knots, whorls and endless patterns of Celtic jewelry have been coveted by jewelry lovers for thousands of years. The Celts were fine craftsman who worked with silver and gold, and their detailed jewelry designs spread far and wide during their reign in Europe through trade. Interestingly, although the Celts became famous for their use of the intricate woven knot designs, the designs first appeared in Rome. Historians believe that these shapes and symbols were introduced into the Celtic culture once the Romans began conquering former Celtic civilizations.

Though the Celts were not initially Christian, once Christianity was formed the churches began appropriating the use of the beautiful Celtic knots into their carvings and books. The spread of Christianity helped perpetuate the popularity of Celtic jewelry, and the symbols and knots were soon associated with the Christian faith as well as the Celtic people.  Many of the Celtic knots symbolize faith, virtue and the belief in God, which is why they are used so often in wedding bands. Celtic wedding bands are a captivating and unique choice for a wedding ring, and come in Celtic knot wedding band continuoussuch a wide variety of Celtic designs that it is hard to choose just one.

Apples of Gold carries an impressive selection of the finest handpicked Celtic wedding bands for our customers to choose from. We have also recently added three new designs that we think Celtic knot lovers will truly appreciate:

Antiqued Celtic Triquetra Knot Wedding Band

This stunning Celtic wedding band (pictured at top left) features a unique variation on the popular Celtic trinity knot design. Crafted from 14K solid white gold, the Celtic knots on the wedding band blaze boldly against the dark antiqued background. With a convenient comfort fit design, this ring is sure to be an instant hit with those who appreciate Celtic artistry.

Antiqued Celtic Knot Wedding Band

This Celtic knot wedding band (at upper right) is an eye catching continuous design that symbolizes the perpetuity of married love as well as God’s unending love. As with the triquetra knot wedding band, this continuous design is set Celtic wedding band annanagainst a bold background that accents the Celtic design.

Antiqued Celtic Annan Wedding Band

The Celtic meaning for the word “Annan” is  “from the stream.”  The wedding band’s (at left) continous Celtic design is a subtle blend between the infinity symbol and the Ichthys, and early secret symbol for Christianity. 

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