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Apples of Gold Complaints: Even Great Companies Get Bad Press

If there is one thing we try to do at Apples of Gold, it is delight you. And our customers are all delighted in different ways—some are tickled by the great selection, others keep coming back for our extraordinary quality, the fair and ethical pricing has made loyal customers out of many, and we’d like to think that our customer service is second to none.

But into the life of every great business will come the unsatisfied customer, the complaint, the poor review. Despite consistent efforts to please, one unhappy shopper can often speak louder than the dozens who’ve been delighted. We’re not going to hide it, if you’ve got spare time and an internet connection, you can go looking for bad press about any company and you’ll find it—ours included.

But a negative review is not all negative–it gives us a chance to humbly examine our practice and our products and determine if we were in the wrong. It can be an opportunity to make our company and our customer service stronger and better than ever.

We think this is the benefit of criticism—even if the claims are exaggerated or untrue. But for every negative review we have handfuls of glowing testimonials, so we would like to think we’re moving in the right direction. We love to post the reviews of those who have purchased their jewelry with us and loved the experience from start to finish. You can read Apples of Gold customer reviews HERE.

Have your own testimonial about Apples of Gold? We love to hear and share your delight! Have a concern or something you hope could be better? Please give us the chance to listen and respond. Email your comments (compliments and concerns) HERE.

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