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August Birthstone: Peridot

When most people think of green stones, they naturally picture the emerald. But peridot, unique in it’s olive green hue, is distinct from the emerald, and the jewel that crowns the month of August.

Originally discovered in Egypt, peridot has been a beloved gemstone since the days of the Romans. Thanks to them, this greenish-gold gem gained the nickname ‘emerald of the night.’ In the Bible, peridot is referred to as ‘chrysolite’ and is mentioned in Revelation 21 as the seventh stone adorning the walls of the New Jerusalem.

Though peridot is not a new discovery, and mines are found throughout the world, the stone started to gain even greater popularity when large mines were uncovered in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Some of the largest and most luxurious peridot stones come from these mines. Given the abundant supplies, peridot is now a gem that is not only attractive, but also affordable.

The special green of the peridot gemstone varies in tone from light to dark olive green. Described by writer Oscar Wilde as ‘pistachio’, the intensity of the green depends upon the amount of iron present. While peridot is not hard to find and even relatively common, peridot that meet quality standards as gemstones are much rarer and highly sought-after.

Peridot measures 6.5-7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and is the only gemstone to have been found in meteorites!

Celebrate the month of August and those special August birthdays with this crisp, summery green gemstone. Peridot is also the stone associated with the sixteenth wedding anniversary. See below for some of our favorite peridot gift selections!

Our Prettiest Peridot:

Diamond and Peridot Earrings in 14k White Gold. Among our most stunning peridot pieces, the diamond and peridot earrings show off this olivine stone at its finest. Each 1-carat peridot earring (for a total of 2 carats) is surrounded by a ring of 18 sparkling round diamonds, setting off the dramatic green center stones. All 36 diamonds are color graded H-I (near colorless) and have a clarity of SI1-SI2. Settings and posts are 14k white gold. An exquisite gift for an exceptional woman.

Mythical Peridot Ring in Sterling Silver.

This 6mm, superior quality peridot is set in a sterling silver claw-like setting giving it a mythical quality and a unique, bold look. The peridot ring is also available in 14k and 18k gold or platinum.

Oval Peridot Cabochon Earrings in Sterling Silver. For a girl’s first birthstone jewelry, these sterling silver earrings featuring an oval peridot cabochon each, are a perfect birthday present. Reasonably priced and attractively sized, these stylish earrings are sure to delight a younger recipient.

Amethyst and Cross Pendant in Sterling Silver. Peridot and Amethyst are a perfect match. A combination of both stones adorn this sterling silver cross—a feminine and delicate piece to proclaim your faith in Christ. The pendant displays a total of 15 gemstones and measures 52mm in height (without bale). This attractive and reasonably priced pendant makes a charming gift for a confirmation or graduation this summer.


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