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Beautiful Paisley Wedding Bands

White Gold Paisley Wedding bandThe paisley pattern is incredibly prevalent in our society, yet few people are familiar with the meaning behind the paisley design. Perhaps this is due in part to the paisley’s ubiquity; it has become a cherished symbol in so many different cultures that it is difficult to trace the paisley to its original meaning. Though the word ‘paisley’ derives from the town in Scotland that created famous paisley-covered shawls in the 1800s, the symbol’s origins were at least 300 years earlier in India and Persia.

Thanks to the East India Trading company the paisley eventually made its way into Europe, and became a fashionable design to print on everything from shawls to skirts to bandannas. Throughout its multi-cultural journey, the meaning of the paisley design has been linked to life, love, eternity and royalty, which helps explain why the paisley is often found adorning jewelry, and wedding bands in particular. The paisley’s popularity was also boosted by its modern celebrity admirers; it has been appropriated by both Prince and The Beatles, which is to say that admirers of the paisley design find themselves in the company of pop royalty.

Apples of Gold is not immune to the lure of the paisley design, and carries a lovely selection of paisley wedding bands for our customers. Though we handpick each of the paisley wedding bands added to our collection, we have to admit to playing favorites.  Here are three paisley wedding bands that we can’t take our eyes off of: Gold paisley wedding band

Carved Paisley Wedding Band in 14K Gold

What makes this paisley wedding band so unique is the fact that the design is carved out of solid 14K gold. Most paisley designs are etched into a solid piece of gold, while this one is fully cut away, leaving recesses of empty space behind the paisleys. It looks wonderfully unique and beautiful against the skin, and makes an excellent choice for wedding band, promise ring and piece of everyday jewelry.

14K White  Gold Paisley Wedding Band

This solid white gold paisley wedding band (shown at top) is carved deeply into the ring for a recessed effect that really makes the paisley design pop. Further highlighting the paisleys are two thinly carved ropes that line either side of the design for added visual interest.The ring has a comfort fit design meant for continual wear.

Paisley Engraved Wedding Band in 14K White Gold

White Gold engraved paisley bandThe paisley design in this solid 14K white gold wedding band are much more subtle than in the previous two rings. It’s the ideal wedding band option for people who love the paisley’s symbolic meaning but don’t like to make overt statements with their jewelry. As with the previous wedding band, this one has a comfort fit design that makes all day wear easy and comfortable.

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