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Bible Pendant with Lord’s Prayer Inside

Apples of Gold Jewelry–

When we did a giveaway of our Bible Pendant with Lord’s Prayer Inside on Facebook, we got so many people tell us that they had a similar Bible pendant at one point in their life–when they were younger, when they were first married, when they were a child–and each memory was fond of a dearly cherished mindset!

Apples of Gold is proud to offer this beautiful 14k Gold Bible Pendant. The pages of the pendant flip open to reveal the Lord’s Prayer inside in the beautiful King James Version of the Bible.

The Bible pendant is available at this link from Apples of Gold.

It serves as a great reminder of our love for the Word of God, and the precious acts of God’s Son on the Cross.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all You have done for us, and continue to do daily!

Visit Apples of Gold’s Gold Cross Pendant category or check out our fashionable gold jewelry line.

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