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Black Cross Wedding Bands: Standing Out for Their Message and Style

Looking for a wedding ring that combines a symbol of faith, a striking finish and metals that have proven their strength? Don’t miss
black cross wedding bands in titanium and cobalt! These rings interpret the most enduring emblem of faith in ways that give nods to both the past and the present, perfectly paring rich contrast with sleek modern mediums.

Both titanium and cobalt are excellent picks when you’re looking for a ring that’s strong and that communicates the endurance of your faith as well as of your love. These two metals are strong (titanium is even strong enough to hold aircraft together), resistant to scratching and naturally hypoallergenic, making them far more than shining surfaces.

The Black Titanium Cathedral Cross Ring provides a gallant look that could have been draw from a medieval tapestry, but the modern metal from which it’s crafted makes this a clearly contemporary ring. A repeating motif of small and large cathedral crosses wraps around this ring, standing out in white against a dark, smooth backdrop. It’s a style with both time-honored class and modern appeal.

Titanium Maltese Cross RingIf you’d prefer look that’s a little simpler but every bit as meaningful, try the Titanium Cross Band Ring. Classic crosses have been carved into this band in a repeating pattern, and each is filled in with black to allow it to immediately catch the eye. This wedding band has a contemporary flat shape and is available in your choice of three finishes: matte, polished or satin, as well as in your choice of width, from 8mm to 10mm. Similarly, the Titanium Maltese Cross Ring surrounds the wearer’s finger with a repeating cross motif, this time with a type of cross that’s been in use since the time of the crusades.

The Cobalt Maltese Black Diamond Cross Ring uses an antiqued finish to draw eyes to its design and its message. Bold Maltese crosses are carved into this band, and every detail stands out thanks to the dark wash that adds depth to every crevice. The center of each of these crosses is studded with a small round black diamond, adding extra class to this daring and meaningful design.

Christian wedding bands like these that use black finishes and accents to draw eyes to the cross are powerful symbols of both faith and love. And, thanks to the modern metals from which they’re crafted, they’re symbols of strength as well.

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