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Black Tahitian Pearl Jewelry

Tahitian pearl ring - eternity diamondTahitian black pearls, the rarest and most exclusive type of pearl, are also known as the Queen of Pearls. Grown in French Polynesia under delicate care and watchful eyes, the oyster that produces Tahitian black pearls is a very delicate creature. Since the majority of oysters who produce Tahitian pearls do not survive long enough to produce a gorgeous black pearl, the demand for the few that do drive up the price and exclusivity of the Tahitian black pearl.  Because of the Tahitian pearl’s rare beauty, the gems are only used in the finest jewelry pieces.

We, like many before us, have fallen in love with the striking splendor of the Tahitian black pearl. Though we have always carried a few black pearl jewelry pieces, we are excited to announce that we have recently expanded our collection of Tahitian pearls to give customers a greater opportunity to own the exquisite pearl.  So without further ado, below is a quick highlight of the many Tahitian black pearl rings, Tahitian pearl - chocolate necklaceearrings, bracelets and necklaces we have added to our selection:

Tahitian Black Pearl Necklaces

One of the most striking qualities of the Tahitian black pearl is its brilliant range of shades. We adore the Silver Green Tahitian Pearl Necklace for its timeless design and eye-catching, unique color. Though its rarity makes it worth a pretty penny, it’s a sound investment for women who want to wear the best.

Another jaw-dropping piece for women who want the ultimate pair of pearls is the natural Chocolate Tahitian Pearl Necklace. The only thing rarer than a Tahitian black pearl is a Tahitian chocolate hued black pearl. Accented with sparkling diamond rondelles, this necklace is truly a pinnacle of beauty.

Tahitian Black Pearl and Diamond blossom ringTahitian Black Pearl Rings

Bold statement rings are one of our favorite accessories, which is why we’re partial to these lovely Tahitian black pearl rings. Two designs we’re in love with are the Tahitian Black Pearl and Diamond Eternity Ring and the Tahitian Black Pearl and Diamond Blossom Ring. Both are a beautiful balance of design and taste, and would look stunning matched with a pair of Tahitian Black Pearl Tahitian black pearl - dangle earringsearrings.

Tahitian Black Pearl Earrings

Tahitian black pearl earrings are the perfect accompaniment to the famous little black dress. Oozing with style and designed with a touch of sass, this pair of Tahitian pearl and diamond drop earrings is just as wearable as an LBD. And unlike a dress that will go in and out of style, the earrings last a lifetime.

Tahitian black pearl multicolor braceletTahitian Black Pearl Bracelet

Though an all-black Tahitian pearl bracelet is perfectly stunning, there is just something about the multicolored pearls strung next to each other that visually ups the ante.  The color variations on the Tahitian black pearl are undeniably pretty, and present a slight twist on a classic that sets it apart from the standard same-hued variety.

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