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Bridal Bouquet Rosary

14k-gold-rosaryThere are many creative ways to inject meaning and religion into a wedding other than by having your ceremony in a church. Many brides wouldn’t dream of having their wedding outside the church they grew up attending, which makes honoring their religion inherent in the ceremony. But more and more modern brides are opting to have their ceremonies next the ocean, overlooking miles of vineyards or atop a hillside at sunset, far away from the traditional church ceremony. Regardless of whether you are a nature-loving barefoot bride or plan to walk down the church aisle with covered sleeves, incorporating symbols of your religion into the wedding day can be a powerful reminder of the sanctity of marriage.


photo via evoke photography

One idea we love is the wrapping of a rosary around the bridal bouquet to carry down the aisle. Not only does it look gorgeous and really dress up the bouquet in pictures, it’s a great way to add personal meaning to your bouquet. Many brides choose to carry a rosary that has been passed down in the family, making it their something old or something borrowed. If you already have a lovely rosary that belonged to a cherished aunt or grandma, make sure you let your florist know you will bring it on the day of the wedding so she can secure it to your bouquet.


photo via The Knot

For brides who want to carry a rosary but don’t have one yet, Apples of Gold carries the most exquisite gold rosary that comes in three different varieties:

Solid 14K Gold Rosary Prayer Necklace

This rosary (shown at top left) is stunning up close and in person. It features detailed 14K gold rosary beads strung on a 14K gold chain, and an intricately crafted crucifix with Jesus’ body. This 29” long rosary is family heirloom quality, perfect for passing down through the generations to start your own rosary wedding tradition for future children and grandchildren.
Tri Color 14K Gold Rosary Prayer Necklace

The tri color gold rosary prayer necklace is two inches longer than the previous, and is a modern spin on the beautiful tradition of carrying a rosary. For brides on a tight budget, consider the smaller tri color gold rosary prayer necklace, which is a few hundred dollars cheaper but just as beautiful.

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