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Celebrate with Three Stone Rings

Since the first diamond engagement ring in the 15th century, the single-diamond stone design had dominated the history of engagements. For centuries, it had enjoyed undivided attention and admiration from every couple who was lucky enough to afford it.

Five centuries later, in the early years of the twentieth century, a revolutionary and completely non-traditional design of engagement ring was introduced to the public. Couples who have decided to stay together and seal that commitment with marriage now have the option to choose this unique and classic design. The three-stone diamond ring became the must-have engagement ring for modern couples. Jewelry historians opined that the three stones are a symbolism of the ‘past, present, and the future’ of a couple’s loving relationship. It encompasses the three significant periods in a couple’s lifetime that starts with the time when the couple first met and fell in love; it continues to a time when a decision to get married is agreed; and culminates in a certain period when they have both welcomed growing old together.

The symbolism is apt in that recent history has seen more separations and break-ups in relationships. In a way, having a three-stone engagement or anniversary ring does sound like a prize and yet a bonus; and a reminder that in our divorce-ridden societies, one should feel lucky to spend old age with the man/woman he/she married.

Even if it has only been introduced recently, there is no denying the design’s classic appeal.  This particular design in engagement rings echoes a longing of every couple for ‘forever-after’. It attracts a discriminating prospective groom because of its timelessness and elegance.

In later years, it has also evolved into the perfect anniversary ring, as well as, the gift that commemorates the birth of a first-born son or daughter. From the rare sparkle of diamonds, precious gemstones like emerald, sapphire and ruby have also adapted this beautiful and elegant design.

There are various cuts and settings available for three-stone engagement rings.  It can be set on goldwhite and yellow– and platinum metals. Through the years, people’s unique taste and preference have  contributed to the growth of this particular ring and there is no stopping it.

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