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Consider Cobalt Wedding Bands!

6mm Satin-Finished Beveled Cobalt Wedding Band RingCobalt wedding bands may not be traditional choices, but there are plenty of reasons why they should be on your list of options! From its performance properties to its stunning shine, here are four reasons to consider cobalt.

Strong: Cobalt is significantly stronger that the metals that are traditionally used in wedding bands. In fact, it’s four times stronger than platinum, five times stronger than gold and seven times stronger than silver.

The strength of this modern pick renders cobalt wedding bands shatterproof, making them incredibly practical options for anyone who’s hard on their jewelry, as well as excellent pictures of a love that’s able to withstand any challenge. They also hold their shape incredibly well and are highly resistant to scratching, making rings like the 6mm Satin-Finished Beveled Cobalt Wedding Band Ring picks with truly lasting good looks. This style frames an understated brushed-finish center with beveled, polished edges; together, these two finishes create a statement of affection and commitment that’s also a strong statement of excellent taste.

Cobalt Chrome Celtic Cross Ring

Hypoallergenic: A wedding band’s properties don’t matter if you can’t wear it due to metal allergies! Fortunately, allergies aren’t an issue when it comes to cobalt wedding bands! That’s because they’re crafted from a metal that’s naturally hypoallergenic, making them readily wearable options for anyone with sensitive skin.

Affordable: With its impressive performance qualities, you might think that cobalt wedding bands come with a hefty price tag; however, the opposite is true! Cobalt is a wallet-friendly metal and even the most substantial cobalt styles can be purchased at relatively low prices. The Cobalt Chrome Celtic Cross Ring is a perfect example. Bold carved Celtic crosses give this wedding band a look that’s edgy yet classy as it adds a symbol of faith to the timeless emblem of love. At 10mm wide, this style is anything but timid.

Lustrous: Cobalt can be polished to a nearly mirror-like shine, giving it a look that’s incredibly sleek and upscale despite its low price. The cool, striking luster of this metal is showcased in simple yet stunning fashion in the Plain High-Polished Cobalt Wedding Band, a ring that provides a gleaming contemporary twist on the most classic of wedding band styles. This plain 6mm-wide design may be basic, but it’s anything but boring.

Cobalt wedding rings may not be as well-known as gold or platinum bands, but as you can see, they’re more than worth considering. For their strength, their hypoallergenic nature, their affordability and their striking shine, cobalt styles are excellent options.

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