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David Tishbi Dent Earrings

david-tishbi-circular-dent-earringsDavid Tishbi is an innovative, modern collection of sterling silver and gold jewelry. Tishbi’s  unique designs are coveted by the style-conscious and worn proudly by fashion forward people and celebrities throughout the world. Since David Tishbi jewelry was founded over a decade ago, the jewelry line has been handcrafting their pieces in Israel. This supports Israeli communities and enables Tishbi to turn out cutting edge jewelry lines in which every piece is hand made and unique. David Tishbi specializes in the juxtaposition of sterling silver and yellow gold for a striking effect.

When we saw David Tishbi’s handcrafted jewelry, we fell in love and knew we wanted to offer it to our customers. The  exquisite artistry in the collection has captivated our customers as well, and we are expanding our assortment of the Tishbi jewelry line.david-tishbi-square-dent-earrings

One of the most versatile pieces are the David Tishbi Dent Earrings. They are simple and sleek without being boring, perfect for everyday wear. The earrings are hand crafted from nickel-free sterling silver while the face of the earring is brushed with 14K yellow gold for a striking contrast. Since both gold and silver precious metals are used on the earrings, they can easily be worn with other white gold, yellow gold and sterling silver jewelry pieces without clashing.

The Dent Earrings come in both a square shape and a circular shape, so you can choose your preferred look. The earrings are such an understated, chic style statement that they are bound to become one of your favorite go-to jewelry items.  View the rest of David Tishbi’s gorgeous designs at Apples of Gold.

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