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December Birthstones: Tanzanite

December is a unique month in that it has not just one official birthstone—but four! Join us throughout the month as we profile December birthstone jewelry.

Our second December gemstone is Tanzanite. If you’re new to this sparkly, blue gem, let us begin by saying, it is well worth making the acquaintance. Often called the ‘gemstone of the 20th century,’ this gemstone is no less captivating in the 21st.

Though naturally reddish-brown in color, when tanzanite is heated (gently, as the stone is delicate), it gives off a blue shade ranging the color spectrum from icy blue-violet to deeper periwinkle. The color is rich, captivating and unique from other blue stones for its purple hints and hues.

Tanzanite is a relative newcomer on the jewelry scene. Discovered in 1967 by Masai shepherds around the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the African country of Tanzania. When the stone was presented to Tiffany Jewelry Company they were immediately enamored with it. Their interest in the purplish-blue stone led to mass appeal. Though the stone’s original name is blue zoisite, Tiffany dubbed it Tanzanite, after the location of its discovery. And Tanzania is the only location in which this stone has been found, contributing to its exotic and exclusive nature.

In the same way that diamonds became the engagement ring default through slogans such as “A diamond is forever,” tanzanite has been linked to the slogan “Be born to tanzanite,” indicating that this is a stone that should be given to commemorate a birth. Whether celebrating a December birthday, the birth of a new baby, or another special winter occasion, Tanzanite is a stone that is sure to delight the wearer—its deep color, luxurious appearance, and exotic quality guarantee it!

Our Favorite Tanzanite Pieces To Celebrate December, Or A New Birth!

Tanzanite Stud Earrings Set In 14K White Gold. Available in 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm sized stones, these earrings give you tanzanite in its purest form, with nothing else to distract you from its beauty. These solitaire earrings make a perfect gift for a recipient of any age or fashion sense—the color is versatile and attractive on women with all shades of skin, eyes, and hair. The Tanzanite Stud Earrings can also be set in 14K yellow gold or platinum.

Oval Cut Tanzanite and Diamond Wrap Ring In 14K White Gold. Forty-eight round diamonds encircle this captivating nearly 1 carat center tanzanite stone. This ring, crafted on 14K white gold, makes a remarkable piece of fashion jewelry, not to mention a stunning engagement ring—December is, after all, the most popular month for wedding proposals!

Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver. For the woman who loves delicate, intricate, timeless, vintage-inspired jewelry, this heirloom-quality pendant is a perfect match. Twenty-seven round tanzanite stones combine with sixteen round diamonds to produce the classic teardrop-shaped pendant. The pendant is tarnish-resistant and comes with an 18” sterling silver chain.

Check out more tanzanite jewelry!

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