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December Birthstones: The Blue Topaz

When it comes to birthstones, no other month is quite like December. The twelfth month boasts no less than four official birthstones! Stay with us this month as we profile each of December’s dazzling stones and suggest some of our favorite items to help you celebrate those special December birthdays. We look first at the shimmery blue topaz.

The blue topaz is a member of the topaz family—a stone that is naturally colorless. But depending on the conditions of the environment in which it is found, topaz can take on multi-colored properties. From yellow to green to pink, topaz covers the colors of the rainbow. But it is the sapphire-blue variety that adorns the month of December.

Red Hot Heat Turns To Icy Blue

If topaz is naturally colorless, how does it get its deep blue color? Heat will turn the naturally colorless topaz a shade of blue. Intense heat in the natural environment or by the agency of a jeweler through irradiation results in the remarkable shade. This gemstone is usually seen in three distinct tones: the icy, sky-blue shade, a Swiss blue, and the darker, deeper London blue topaz.

This cool, icy stone is a perfect representation of its wintry month. But the shade is also calming and relaxing—a perfect set of characteristics in a month known to be one of the busiest of the year.

Biblical Significance

While the blue variety is not specifically referenced, the topaz makes an appearance in several places throughout the Bible. In the book of Exodus, topaz is one of the stones used to adorn the garments of the temple priests. In the book of Revelation, topaz brings sparkle to the wall of the New Jerusalem. Known for over 4,000 years, this stone bears a deep and meaningful historical significance, as well as a future, eternal one.

Interesting Facts About The Blue Topaz

In addition to being one of the official birthstones for the month of December, the blue topaz is also the state stone of Texas. Legend claims that this gem can turn men handsome, make women happy, calm a heated argument, cool boiling water, and protect against accidental death. But even if you don’t believe all that, you cannot argue that this is a stunning and attractive stone, certain to beautify and delight its wearer.

Our Favorite Blue Topaz Gifts For December Birthdays

Blue Topaz and Diamond Swirl Earrings In 14K White Gold. A very special December birthday calls for a very special gift. These earrings, composed of 1.77 carats blue topaz are attractively accented with diamonds, creating a piece that is a timeless treasure. The pear-shaped stones elongate the face and bring out the eyes of the wearer—especially is those eyes are blue!

Handmade Textured Round Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring. For the true blue topaz lover, consider this 11mm round stone. The shape of the sterling silver ring is unique, feminine, and a perfect compliment to the dramatic, icy stone. Also available with an oval-shaped or rectangle topaz stone.

Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Blue Topaz Cuff Bracelet. For the woman who likes to make a bold, stylish statement with her jewelry, this cuff bracelet is a perfect pick. Crafted of 0.925 sterling silver, the five strands bear blue topaz accents of various shapes and sizes. Classy and elegant, this piece is as stunning with that little black dress as it is comfortable with jeans and a blazer.

Take a look at more blue topaz jewelry!

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