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Diamond Crosses: The Symbol of the Cross

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior, we also acknowledge Christ’s suffering and death. Jesus’ truest purpose in coming into the world as a baby was to die for our sins as a man. The symbol of the cross is as important to Christmas as it is to Easter.

Christmas shopping challenges the Christian. We want to find our joy in the gift of Christ, not just the presents and the seasonal traditions. So we seek gifts that have meaning and significance beyond the latest gadget or trinket.

Our Diamond Crosses bring together great natural beauty with the spiritual beauty and significance of the cross. Apples of Gold collection features a wide variety of styles and designs–there’s a diamond cross to suit all tastes. From modern, minimalist designs to ornate and intricate patterns and stone placement, the crosses are eye catching and elegant.

The 0.60 Carat Diamond Cross Pendant in 14K White Gold featured above is one of the most exquisite in our diamond cross collection. Featuring a line of larger diamonds surrounded by a string of smaller ones, the total carat count is 0.60 carats. The pendant also comes with a 14k white gold box chain.

This Christmas, give a gift of lasting significance and breathtaking beauty with a diamond cross from Apples of Gold.

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