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Diamonds: More Than Just A Girl’s Best Friend

When men choose their wedding bands, their criteria will be slightly different from a woman’s. While men do indeed consider style, most guys are going to rate rings by their durability and resistance to wear-and-tear. Titanium, platinum, and 14k gold are top choices for this reason.

While men may like the look of a diamond in their own band, that durability concern crops up in the back of their minds. But this fear is unwarranted. While a woman’s engagement ring setting often features a diamond raised from the band, in men’s bands, the diamonds are firmly and securely set within the metal of the band. The result is a little extra sparkle and style, without the risk of losing the stone.

The Diamond Hammered Wedding Band, featured above, features a series of diamonds totaling ¼ carats set within a durable hammered 14k gold band. The edges are polished to high luster to offset the brilliance of the diamonds. This unique band, shown in 14k gold, is also available in 18k gold or platinum. With this band you get form and function–the best of both worlds.

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