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Easter Jewelry

With Easter just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to highlight some of our favorite picks for Easter jewelry. Bunny rabbits and colorful easter egg jewelry aside, the cross is the universal symbol of the Easter holiday, which is why our choices include three gorgeous crosses that make stunning presents for family and loved ones. And besides, a lovely cross makes a much more impressive piece of jewelry than do rabbits or Easter egg shapes, right?

Cross jewelry comes in many different styles, shapes, sizes and materials, so we chose a nice variety that represents a broad range of jewelry taste.  From simple and modern to classic and ornate, we hope our favorite picks inspire you to choose the perfect piece of Easter jewelry for the one you love.

The Timeless Classic

Our gold polished cross pendant is a timeless classic that anyone can fall in love with. The unisex style makes it equally suitable as an Easter jewelry gift for both men and women.

Ornately Elegant

People who prefer intricate, more elaborately designed jewelry will adore our beautiful 14K gold Easter crucifix pendant. This crucifix pendant features a delicately carved body of Jesus upon the cross with exquisite detail.

Modern and Architectural

Loved ones who appreciate clean lines and possess a modern aesthetic will fawn over our 14K white gold harmony cross pendant. Stunning in its simplicity, the harmony cross pendant features two sweeping arches that form a modern cross with a sparkling diamond in the center.

Whether your loved one prefers modern, ornate or classic cross pendants, we hope our sampling of beautiful Easter jewelry has helped you choose the perfect pick for the holiday. Happy Easter!

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