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Emerald Stud Earrings

“A” rated quality, hand selected and 100% natural, each emerald chosen for our emerald stud earrings is ablaze with light and sparkle. It’s enough to make your friends positively green with envy.

As the May birthstone, the emerald is a popular pick for its unique deep green color. The richness and drama of the hue looks beautiful against both pale and tan complexions, and has been known to bring out the green in a person’s eyes when worn as earrings.  Though emerald stud earrings are a classic piece of jewelry, they can be modern and stylish depending on what they are worn with. Here are three great ways to wear a pair of emerald stud earrings, just like our signature pair held in place with solid 14K white gold:

1. Wear it With Pink

Pink and green is such a great combination of colors, they never fail to create an eye-catching ensemble. Soft, romantic pale pink (and peach) are very in for Spring, so consider setting off a flirty pale pink dress with a pair of emerald stud earrings to give the look that something special.

2. Wear it With A Dramatic Hair Piece

We’re not talking wigs, ladies – we’re referring to hair pieces of the fine feathered and flower variety. Big, dramatic flower-adorned headbands and feather clips are back in a major way for 2010, and they make quite the style statement. A beautiful, understated pair of stud earrings is the perfect choice for days when you want to wear dramatic hair pieces, since larger earrings would compete with your hair accessory and become fashion overkill.

3. Wear it for St. Patrick’s Day

Who says St. Patrick’s Day requires dressing in head-to-toe green garb? Get your green on with a dainty little pair of emerald stud earrings and avoid looking like a gaudy green leprachaun this St. Patty’s. You can thank us later.

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