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Engagement Rings We Love: The Cathedral

Picture a cathedral—the vaulted ceilings, swooping arches, and graceful flair are the characteristics that are certain to catch your attention. The cathedral setting bears some of those same elements. The diamond is suspended above the finger with two strong arches that frame the stone and give it emphasis. The thickness and angle of the arches may vary, stones come in different cuts and sizes, and you’ll see a variety of different mountings, but what sets the cathedral setting apart are the dramatic arches that extend and enclose your diamond. It is the embodiment of class and elegance.

The cathedral ring’s arches also serve to accentuate a smaller diamond. In fact, if you are planning to purchase a large diamond (larger than a carat) you may want to reconsider the cathedral setting, as it may cause the ring to lose some of its grace, and appear disproportionate on your finger.

The Cathedral Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring shown here features a ½ carat diamond lifted by two 14k white gold arches. This ring is customizable to your style and budget. Stones are available in 1/4 Carat, 1/3 Carat, 1/2 Carat, 5/8 Carat, 3/4 Carat, and 1 Carat. Choose from 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, or platinum.


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