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Fall Color On Your Finger: Carnelian

When the temperatures begin to drop and the leaves are losing their green color in favor of reddish, brownish, and golden hues, we know that autumn is here. This Hammered Carnelian Ring in Sterling Silver in a piece that reflects the warm colors of the season and also conveys the bold, dramatic look that is characteristic of this fall’s jewelry trends. 

The stunning stone is set in lustrous sterling silver so it is an easy match with your other jewelry. And the carnelian stone, a semi-precious red stone whose name means “flesh,” is no newcomer to the jewelry scene. Since the 4th and 5th centuries BC, carnelian has been used in jewelry and other adornments. It was a favorite among the Romans for use in signet rings. In the book of Revelation we read that in John’s vision Christ himself has the appearance of carnelian, and the stone is also prophesied as one that will adorn the walls of the New Jerusalem. Spectacular, symbolic, and significant, this is your fall splurge.

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