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Fall Trend: Beautiful Blue Topaz Jewelry

Blue Topaz and Diamond Cocktail RingWith August coming to a close, the promise of fresh Fall fashion is upon us.  Deep jewel tones oozing with drama are one of the biggest trends for the upcoming season, and we have some beautiful new pieces that compliment a fashionista’s fall wardrobe to a tee.  Since deep jewel tones like eggplant purple, forest green and deep royal blue are complimentary to one another, many pieces of different jewel hues can be mixed and matched for a richly layered look. Wearing unexpected combinations liks a deep plum colored shift dress with dark sapphire flowered headband is the perfect fall look: completely fresh, style savvy and of the moment.

We love taking the jewel toned trend to the next level by adding a stylish piece of gemstone jewelry that echoes the look.  After all, since the trend is named after jewels, is there a better way to embody the spirit than wearing gorgeous, richly colored gemstone jewelry? We think not, which is why we have been lusting over this spectacular 5.2 carat emerald-cut blue topaz cocktail ring with matching emerald cut earrings. Blue topaz plain emerald cut earrings

The blue topaz cocktail ring is modern in design and vintage in spirit, with .4 carats of emerald cut diamonds flanking the whopping topaz center stone for a stunning sparkle. Add to the mix the solid 14K white gold setting with delicate band, and the effect is irresistibly delicious. If this ring were being picked for a team, it would undoubtedly be picked first. If it were in a beauty pageant, it would be crowned the winner. And if it were the one piece of jewelry purchased this fall, it would unquestionably be the best wardrobe decision of the year.  Not only because it is absolutely stunning and encompasses the loveliest of fall’s trends, but also because this is the kind of ring that you wear a lifetime and pass down as an heirloom. Not only because it’s beautiful, but also because it is a complete steal at the current price. And now that we’ve convinced ourselves of its undeniable beauty, value and usefulness, please excuse us a moment while we add it to our shopping basket….

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