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Featured Item: Italian Murano Glass Beads

For an item that is unique, different, and a change from traditional gemstone jewelry, Italian Murano glass is an attractive alternative. This special glass comes from the island of Murano, located off the coast of Venice. Using their own complex glassmaking technique, known as “lampworking,” Murano glassmakers layer and swirl the bright colors to create a variety of beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs. No two are alike!

Loved for its bold colors and eye-catching designs, glass made by the craftsmen of Murano is world-renowned. You’ll love owning and wearing these sensational pieces. The Murano beads featured by Apples of Gold can be worn one at a time or as a collection. You may also choose to separate beads with silver spacers to help set off the unique quality of each bead.

Murano glass is both exquisite and an excellent value. It makes a unique and special gift for a summer birthday or a graduate.

To browse our entire collection of Murano glass beads, click HERE. Beads can be strung and displayed on leather cord or on a sterling silver bracelet or necklace. Click HERE to see options for wearing your Italian glass beads!


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