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Finding Her the Perfect Engagement Ring

This art deco style ring is perfect for vintage-loving ladies.

Finding the perfect engagement ring for your loved one can be a tricky process. If you do not know the exact style she wants, choosing the right ring is like taking a shot in the dark. Though some women prefer to come along for the ring search, many would rather be surprised with a gorgeous ring when she least expects it. To make matters even harder, most women want to be surprised but still want the ring to be exactly what they have always envisioned.

Avoid mental breakdown with our convenient guide to stealthily figuring out exactly what she wants. With a little bit of detective work and planning, you will be presenting her with an  engagement ring that makes all her dreams come true.

Do a Little Digging

First things first: a little bit of sleuthing is in order. In order to purchase the ring, you need to know her ring size. Secretly rummage through her jewelry box and find a ring that she wears frequently. To find out the size, you have a few options:

1. If she won’t notice that it is missing, the best option is to take it to a local jeweler and ask them what the size is.

2. If she will notice the ring’s absence, use a piece of string and lay it just inside the ring. Trace it around the inner edge and mark the spot where the string meets the beginning. Take the marked piece of string to a jeweler, who will be able to tell you the ring size.

3. This method is the quickest, but can also be the least accurate: place her ring on your pinky finger as far down as it will go, and remember the spot it stopped at. Remember it well, because you will have to tell a jeweler exactly where it fit on you in order for them to get the size!

One word of advice: don’t stress! If you still get it wrong, most engagement rings are resizeable! And reputable jewelers will offer a return or exchange policy.

Pick the Perfect Partner(s) in Crime

The next order of business is to find a partner in crime. To identify the best person (or people) for the job, ask your fiance-to-be which one of her friends’ or family members’ style she trusts and admires. Once you get the name, contact this person and let them in on your engagement plan. Ask their opinion on the style of wedding ring your girlfriend would like, and take copious notes. If possible, ask them to email you pictures of engagement rings online that match the right style.

Now, it’s time to go shopping. Once you have set your price range and know exactly what she wants, begin comparing prices and quality at different jewelers. You can even take your partner in crime with you for additional advice on the perfect engagement ring. Make sure to check out reputable jewelers online as well. They often have a larger inventory and better quality jewelry for less than store-based jewelers due to a low overhead and high volume of inventory. Finally, if you do buy online, make sure the jeweler is reputable – check out our article on Buying Jewelry Online. It’s a must read for safe and successful online shopping!

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