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Garnet Pendants: January Birthstones

A symbolic gemstone that reminds us of the future and of promises made is the Garnet. Not only is the Garnet the official birthstone of January but it has repeatedly represented the start of something new and the end of something old in history.

This thesis with the Garnet is not new. Noah used garnet as a lamp on the bow of his ship as he traveled across a flooded earth. An act that became symptomatic of the end of something old and a pledge of a fresh existence, a new terrain, and a new foundation. Another strong correlation to Noah is the fact that Garnet gemstones can come in just about any color and each color is tied to a different geological region. A definite reminder of the rainbow God presented as a promise to Noah to never wipe out the earth again. For instance, Green garnets can be found in Russia and Africa and oranges from Sri Lanka and Namibia.

However, the garnet first began its voyage into the world of jewelry in 3100 B.C. when Egyptian artists would use the gemstones and handcraft jewelry. As a result, garnet pendants have become superb pieces of jewelry to give as a birthday gift. A great example is the above is Oval Shaped Contemporary Garnet Pendant from Apples of Gold Jewelry. This striking pendant securely holds a 0.60 carat garnet snuggly in 10k yellow gold prongs. Additionally, the pendant almost resembles an upside down heart hanging delicately from an 18 inch Singapore chain.

Another option includes a Heart Shaped Garnet and Diamond Drop Pendant (right) which uses its elegant symmetry and lines to display three .06 carat garnet gems and six .08 carat diamonds spaced perfectly; all hanging from an 18 inch 10K white gold Singapore chain. The exclusivity of this piece of white gold jewelry lays in the amalgamation of garnet gemstones and diamonds which give it a subtle yet magnificently graceful design.

Gemstone pendants can make extraordinary gifts for anyone; especially garnets because they embody much to their admirers, which makes it a faultless gemstone to represent the New Year; as well as our New Year resolutions.

Featured Left: Garnet Heart Clover Pendant in 14k white gold.

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